My Name is KJO

My Name is Khan is really about KJO and his leap into serious cinema.

Here’s the analysis –

The  Script  –

Well the premise is when a story like this written, it typically climaxes on a high point. So that the viewer is left gasping or emotionally choked, desparately trying to hold back his or her tears of joy…about the protagonists ultimate triumph. Papillion ,Shawshank Redemption, Rainman, Forrest Gump are some instances where the viewers emotions are controlled by the wizardry of the script, editing and screenplay. None of it happens with MNIK.

MNIK travels on  spikes. Some scenes are brilliant, while some are really corny coupled with cheesy dialogues. It sometimes gives a feeling what I had when the first iPhone was released. Great product but no Bluetooth ? You can’t forward messages ,I mean what were they thinking? MINK has some moments like that. I think at the heart of it the script was good – but somewhere along the way the writers wore blinkers.

The Characters –

Zakir and his wife Haseena were ultimately of no great consequence, and it gave me a feeling that KJO was returning a favor to Jimmy Shergill for something he had done for him in childhood.The role was really an “insert” and does not flow with the script. Removing Zakir and Haseena would mean about 20mins. of time saved.Zareena Wahab,a.k.a Ammi – was good in her bit part, though methinks Tanvi Azmi might have been a better fit. But nevertheless, she put in a good performance in the limited role she was given.

Mandira’s character was not fully baked. Or maybe the editing was bad…it gave me an impression of too much too soon. There were no scenes of her thinking, pondering, reflecting on major important decisions about her life, be it  moving the business, falling in love, marriage, etc.If this was deliberate, then the idea didn’t flow smoothly enough to show the same.

One of the spikes was Mandira’s break down sequence after her son’s death. Remember Karishma’s sequence in Fiza ? Quite comparable, but more effective here with Kajol pulling it off really well.The flip side was in the football field – where the fulcrum of the movie lay – she asks her husband to go and meet the president – very shoddily done, cheesy –weasy dialogue – and Kajol seemed completely out of the zone she was in the previous sequence. Maybe the scene should have been shot in continuation with the breakdown scene at their residence itself?

Rizwan’s character is fairly consistent, except for some scenes, but we are not too concerned about intricate details in the Hindi film industry. Aren’t we? Rizwan still cannot make you cry like Rancho did.SRK tries his best,effort shows certainly, but it s not his forte. I think Darr and Dilwale.. were the two characters he is most comfortable playing, or two emotions he portrays really well,which do not come across as effort scenes, they are smooth. Rest – doesn’t come all too naturally to him, just like no matter how many packs Aamir gets for Ghajni – he will never pack the punch that Sunny Deol had…but ask Sunny to dance and you ll get aerobics on display.Thats where one appreciates the true genius of Amitabh Bachchan.Adept at making you cry, laugh, angry anything…

Rizwans character is overall , IMHO , still a work in progress.noth from the actor himself and the writer as well.

My way –

  • For starters , shortened it by at least 20 odd mins.
  • Spent more time on scenes which defined Riwan and mandira relationship.
  • Removed Zakir and Haseena from script.
  • Spent more time on Mandiras fight with justice.
  • Spent less time describing Rizwans genius in flashback.
  • Would like to see, the people he touched on his way, make some contribution to his goal.
  • I think after the stabbing incident – everything falls in place too soon..shown rather hastily.
  • I think Reese kept quiet for too long – seems like a rather improbable situation.
  • Their friendship was rather weird. Lots of questions there.

Overall Verdict –

Credit to KJO, I am sure with this movie he has earned new viewers,and with it some hope that he is slowly but surely coming into his own now. Graduating from the candy-floss was a welcome change. Personally I d like to see him make a movie like  Lamhe, which was  far superior blend of candy floss with content, coupled with crisp dialogues, restrained acting and brilliant screenplay.

MNIK is worth a one time watch. But am not going to buy a DVD for posterity.

3 thoughts on “My Name is KJO

  1. Good analysis with your own take of the movie 🙂

    And yes this movie is one time watch and a good movie to watch once inspite of the speed breakers, small faults and over-dramatization but then this is celluloid.

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