Piku : Movie Review

Piku is about motion and emotion or the lack of both.

Its actually very tough to review a movie like Piku, because fundamentally there isn’t much wrong with the film,but then there isn’t much right as well.All the motions and emotions flatter to deceive. So near yet so far…just like constipation…it wants to, it has all the signs too, but it doesn’t.Here’s a trivia :While the entire movie revolved around constipation,there was no stereotypical fart!

I am actually baffled how could that be ever possible with an ensemble cast,a writer of the caliber of Juhi Chaturvedi, ( of Vicky Donor fame),Shoojit Sircar (Vicky Donor and Madras Cafe), a quirky storyline,premise,good setting, but it just doesn’t click.Instead all it becomes is a series of some good scenes, some funny some not so funny, some overacting and some over the top sequences.

So what is Piku the movie, trying to portray? Lets take stock :

  • A father-daughter relationship.?
  • An independent woman – unlikely Taxi owner connect ?
  • The philosophical and symbolic journey to Kolkata?
  • Subtle, practical love and life?
  • Hypochondria and emotions?
  • Why call the movie Piku when its more to do with Bhashkor?
  • or maybe a mix of all of the above?

Honestly,the story does not tug at the heart in spite of best of efforts. Take for example, in the second half, when Bhashkor goes out cycling early in the morning without informing anyone. On his return Piku is expected to be upset and she is, but there is no build up and flood of emotions.Instead all you see/hear is a cacophony of loud dialogues which seems too artificial to touch your heart.

Now think about Little Miss Sunshine, I know Piku is different, but the reason I compare is the way they have shown the family or the side characters in these movies. In LMS – the side characters were well defined, had a story impact and did a fabulous job in doing their bit. In Piku however,there are many such side characters which have no meaning or are they there just for artistic detail? Not sure.

The cast : Amitabh Bachchan /Deepika/Irrfan all do well in parts but not in full. Amitabh and Irrfan could certainly have been given a more complete character sketch,better dialogues ( more so for Irrfan). Deepika did her best trying to be a typical modern bengali Delhi girl. ( I really liked Yami Gautams character in Vicky Donor though). Jisshu /Raghuvir completely under utilized. In fact those in bongland will vouch for Jisshu’s strong acting/performance in Jaatishwar – which was a brilliant cinematic experience.And Raghuvir has given many a tug -at-your-heart performances over time, but this one was no where close.

So in conclusion ,I think Piku could have been a much better thought out movie that what it actually is.Tragi-comedy genre is a tough one to pull off – so I give them credit for attempting , so I am going to with 2 out 5 – more so because I really had high expectations considering the past track record of the entire movie unit.

Shoojit – hope you have a better “release” next time.




5 thoughts on “Piku : Movie Review

  1. Dear GB, your opinion on the film Piku is well written down .

    However, it laid down a very realistic situation of a typical Bengali household of Kolkata. Bhashkor Banerji’s charecter is someone we can see in every second household of Kolkata. Yes, i do agree with you when you say that some scenes were over the top and loud which made it loose it’s sensitivity.

    I guess we all had set very high standards for Piku which it failed to meet! Good luck to the Director for his next venture……

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