R.E.D.S – Movie Review

After much delay and escalating production costs,Nizami productions managed to release their magnum opus R.E.D.S  just before the strategic holiday season. Not to be deterred with the likes of  Jab tak hai John or  Sons of Sardarnis – they have taken a huge gamble…or as Nizami would say its all about confidence and chutzpah.

Now, it’s the time to resolve the dispute at the box office  – R.E.D.S  might have got relatively lesser number of screens but Nizami’s track record at the ticket window in recent years is capable enough of making any superstar envy. He teamed up with ODllywood’s latest lucky charm Sonakchee Sinha for director Pravin Kumars  “Cheesy Chor” which went on to become a blockbuster. This time he s producing the movie along with the famous producer Rajat Raina , who is credited with edge of seat thrillers like Ghazhalini, and epic romances like  Zindagi na degi Gubara, together they have come together to create magic.

Lets talk about the plot and storyline.

Its fairly simple and it could be summed up as a movie with a lot of heart but as you go higher the air is rarefied.But who’s complaining? With a sellout opening day collection REDS is going to laugh its way to the Bank of cafeteria. The glitteratti was there to attend the premiere in fulll swing. South superstar Bharat Reddy ( of Patrricha ki aankh fame) showed his rare presence in the scene.There was glam quotient with Saira ,who is awaiting her next Telegu release with Chiknajivi tentatively entitled ‘No Ya Jatakaratna Vundi’ slated to release on April 1 next year. Trade analyst and film critic Bala Bala was present too.He was recently awarded the prestigious “baal ki khaal” award at Cannes film festival for his outstanding review on Satyananda’s  magnum opus “Rabin ne bana di jodi.”

Satyananda the  veteran superstar graced the occasion to the joy of millions of his fans. Fans still remember his epic performance  overshadowing Salmain Khan in the all time superhit Ek Tha Tigre aur ek Poo.The sizzling chemistry with Katti na was what legends are made of.His fans are awaiting his next super hit offering Bad Minton Boys.

Back to the movie.

The locales were breathtaking, cameraman  Prassana Kumar hold on the angles were fantastic.Bannerghatta road never looked so beautiful,and the shots capturing the lifts opening and closing got claps from the audience.Sharp editing skills by Tom Das made the movie slick,stylish and move at a brisk pace, so much so that the audience never knew when the movie started or ended.He had his audience in a spell. Their tag team partnership previously gave hits like ‘Shootout at Sankey tank’ and the hilarious The Bhaang.

The lead actors ,starting with the leading lady Archana Leo (USA rerun , returned…as in USA did not return her not like that..just clarifying) did a spectacular performance in some intensely emotional scenes. Sure to be nominated for the prestigious ODDscars next year.She is looking stunning in Manish Maalhota creations and hair done up by Gu-Gaa the lastest name in fashion police. (DeJawani would ve been so proud to see his protege do so well.) Hitesh Sharma the new kid on the block, challenge to superstars in the room, did a wonderful blink and you miss role. On asking what he thought about it , he said size does not matter ,sideys do. He is a talent to watch out for.

Sidekicks Adi and Hegde played a great cameo and are sure to win the best supporting cast next year .This would be the second time in a row it if happens.Last year they won best supporting actors in the block buster comedy  Jholmaal 2. Finally Shahid Nizami his home production ,and his favorite cast and crew pulled off a huge show. His acting skills have gone to a new high from his early days as an actor .Remember Et tu? His last movie Tie Tie Phis  did not do all that well at the box office – but this time he has hit jhakasspot. REDS is sure to re write his story.

Last but not the least a fried  fed up  friendly appearance of  Raabin Devi add the spark to the show.What a stellar performance.Best known for her epic romance movies like Gettin Excitin , Batman returns with Raabin, she played a role which was a pivotal twist to the story.

There’s already a talk about a sequel for REDS tentatively titled the Dark REDS.It is going to be a bilingual release  ( tentative gujju title Dark Raids). Well will have to wait for that, but for now this one is slated to hit the stars. I am going to go with 4 out 5 for this magnificent effort by the Nizami production house.

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