Ra.One – Expectation setting.

All for one – one for all.

Alas that cannot be said about Ra.One. Here is a movie which was hyped,typed,skyped to all and sundry.The marketing of the movie had reached to such frenzied heights that even the otherwise unperturbed grandma’s would talk about it.With such a hype comes such an expectation that in some sense is too hard to match.And that my friend is exactly the case with Ra.One.

But what else could Shahrukh Khan do? He has built this huge image trap around himself which boasts of a larger than life,kingsize,mega-budget events,movies and everything in his life.It’s become a vicious cycle.So in another world, if Ra.One was not as much hyped perhaps the expectations would have been tad lower and the movie better accepted.

expectation setting.

That’s the key word.In the recent memory,Aamir Khan pulled that off with Dhobi Ghat.If you see the promos, in every single interview or public chat show , Amir repeated the same story – of how he thought initially – a ridiculous idea, which changed after he heard the script ! How he turned from  sceptic to a believer.And he does this with such alarming ease,that one would never make out ,unless you connect the dots.Hats off.

Ra.One had all the ingredients of a great movie – somewhere, it overdid it.Over cooked it.And the result is ,even if it did some obscene amount of business on day one, media bad-mouth had spread like a wild-fire.(remember Mani Ratnam’s Raavan?) Much the same fate I guess.The former was much more confused in the storyline and characters perhaps.But Ra.One did not pretend to be a serious movie.It was bound to be an entertainer.Why then people frown upon it? Why compare it with Bodyguard? Which is not even in the same genre or class.

I am not an SRK fan by any stretch,but Bodyguard was like travelling unreserved in a goods train with odorous four leggers.Simply put – it was a bad movie.Period.Only perhaps Tees Mar Khan can beat it.But Ra.One was not at all bad as compared to these in fact if that were the comparison,then I’d rate it quite highly.

Barring,the vulgarity in short bursts,and some tacky graphics,the over all package is quite o.k. Let us not view the movie with a hollywood benchmark here.That would be unfair,let us compare it to the nearest sci-fi movie that B-town has produced.Krissh stands close and is quite comparable.The VT train sequence has been done quite well.Reminded me of a slightly more realistic Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja train sequence – though the movie was doubly bad.

The standout performance has to be of Arjun Rampal – and for once, you wanted to see more of him.The bar coded tattooed bad man gig was quite nicely done.Wonder why no promos no  additional scenes were shot for him.after all he was the ultimate villain.Yes the producers would say it was a surprise – I would say the look was a surprise not the caricature – one could have had promos with a hooded Ra.one.?


Kareena is looking slightly more healthy to many wishful eyes – size zero is so not an indian concept.Wonder if she lost some fan base because of her size zero phase.But that behind ,now she is looking absolutely gorgeous.Blossoming sadly in bimbette roles.I still have a ray of hope for her to do a Chameli-esq. kind of a meaningful role or a Dev kind a of a de-glam role which would bring out the actor in her.

When we were growing up, not too long ago, school boy haircuts were strictly above the collar.Not for this kid.He has a dude designer haircut! Just like a rock star.Which school does he go to ? Perhaps Eminem high school.Well as much as he tries,I just could not accept him to play the role of a young teenager.The arrogance with his father is quite over-dramatised.I am sure the writers would argue that that there are such example in the western world – but when you re producing  movie for the Indian masses primarily,then the local sensibilities would have to be taken care of.


All in all, when you watch Ra.one without all these slicing and dicing, chances are you might even like it.But dont go into the hall with a pre-set notion of a Dark Knight kind of  a performance or movie.For this effort I would go with 3 /5 stars.

2 thoughts on “Ra.One – Expectation setting.

  1. Am glad to read an unbiased, not-too-harsh and subtly written movie review…i do hope to see something better from kareena, i think she was totally wasted in the movie…

    ra-one bored me initially, but it did make me laugh in bits and pieces…

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