The plot –

A political drama – and an intelligent one at that. a very well made movie.

The highlight is subtlety of the characters.nothing seems over cooked,well mostly. The support staff has done a phenomenal job.

Ranbir  – you are in danger of becoming actor than your father.Which is a good thing.But you ve go to improve on crying.You ve got make the audience cry – something what Amir does or Amitabh did. [ which in itself is a big compliment to you ]

Katrina – babes you need to get your hindi flowing soon.you have a face which can portray vulnerable characters, but that face also showed resolve and hurt very nicely towards the end of the movie. Somewhere I felt you were a bit concious.Afterall this is the first time you are doing something like this..but the flow has to be better.Watch Aandhi again. note how she managed her accent and replaced it with brilliant expressions. Kudos to you for chosing this role.

Nana – where are you sir?  Actors like you should be mandated to do 2 movies in a year.Even if you hammed. After a long time I loved your performance.I think post Prahaar this role stood out in my mind. I just thought you needed one or two scenes to show what made Brij Gopal tick ? What was his trigger point ? and possibly tipping point ?

Ajay – as ususal good stuff.  but the restraint you showed in Company still stands out in my mind. This was a bit of what do I do now role. As Veereendra said himself – all you gave was consolations – some scenes needed to be shown where you were the back ground player, just like Ranbir was for the other camp. Also noticed your new found bicpes. BTW – kabbadi scene was absolutely unecessary.

Manoj – you d better tone down a bit – you looked too anxious to deliver punch dialoges and sometimes your expressions were border lining on a bit over done.Please know – you are a good actor.Period. let more or less movies not dictate your acting capabilities. Clearly, you excel in roles which have some element of tragedy, there was scope here,but somewhere I thought you didnt d justice.

Sir Naseer sir. – like Nana – you should be mandated to do 2 movies per year. I was really wanting and expecting your role to be a bit longer. It s been a while since you ve delivered a punch in dialog. Though not entirely your fault.

Prakash Jha –  hats off. Pulling off such a collosal effort, mainitaining scene consistency and acting consistency was sheer work of brilliance. you need to take up a ne challenge  – make a psychological thriller.You need to break out of the bihari/MP mold. Please come to mainstream cities from a story line standpoint for a change.

What could have been different –

  • Please change the ajay devgan and mother interaction scene. Please change dialogues there – the audience was sin splits when she spoke of him being the elder brother.
  • Kabaddi scene  was not required
  • Ranbir and Katrina going to a discotheque was a crap.
  • possibly could have done away with Sarah.

overall – must watch. I d go with 4/5 for this one.

Your Thoughts?

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