Rockstar – The rock hits you.

What are the odds you figured Birds of Prey  by Jim Morrison?  Well if you didn’t Janardhan Jakkhar sure did.

Please carry some bandages as the Rock in Rockstar will hit you hard.

Also please carry an old shoe – it can come handy if you knock off. I guess these lines quite set the tone of the review.

Very soon some our Delhi Hunks will be seen with their guitars in front of their Heer’s residences.Crime rate just might go higher in Delhi over the next few weeks.

So let me try to extract any shred of positivity before we get into carnage.

Music. – Obvious choice.Even this could not save the movie from sinking as the sequencing of the songs seem too cluttered,and albeit stunning melodies and beats, beyond a point you go – oh not again.But I must say post Dil Se, Rockstar soundtrack has got to be AR Rahman’s most original offering,and more importantly not just one or two highlight songs but the entire album sounds terrific.

cinematography I think the photography was great, especially the areal shots of Kashmir.Or even the one where Ranbir runs to his muse on a bridge, it was symbolic as it was poetic as it was scenic.Covering Parague wasn’t bad either.However given a choice Himalayas beat the Alps hands down in beauty.

Story – Zilch. Cofused.Bad.Period. Let me still give it a one liner – Moron meets Dumb blond,sings some songs, screams,screams more,ends up in jail and hospital alternatively and then the movie ends.Yup quite literally.I mean what were you trying to make here? A love story ? A rebel story? A rebellious love story? A musical? Trouble is that it has a bit of all of this.And there lies it’s biggest fall.

In the process neither is it able to create intense emotions that connect with the audience ( remember how Tezaab connected?) Nor does it take a practical angle like Imitaz’ previous works. It essentially dabbles in some good scenes which do not stitch up to a great story.

The lack of consistency hits the story real hard.Firstly,when was the last time you heard the name Janardhan as a haryanvi jat?  Jarnail would have probably been closer.Comming form the background how does even develop a taste for Jim Morrison? Whose music even the average urban rock fan does not quite understand.Most people appreciate Doors/Jim Morrison for the enigma or his lifestyle very few tried to understand his music – and eventually very few did even in his times.They were mesmerised with his personality more than his musical genius.

Now imagine a Pitampura lower middle class transport company background bloke getting a hang of it where he can’t speak english properly.Let alone understand the complex lyrics of a Morrison song.

You know sometimes these small things,attention to detail which while making the movie might seem trivial,but land up having a huge impact on the overall get-up of the movie in the end.Conversely, how these small tidbits really make up for a good movie( -think Aparna Sen’s Mr.&Mrs.Iyer and Konkona Tamil accent for example) Therefore it is imperative that the director editor and the screenplay writer get together and watch the entire product and ask themselves if this is what they had originally conceived as the end product?

Acting – A duck billed platypus could have acted better than Nargis Fakhri. However, I must add, an actor is what the storyteller wants him or her to be.So in this case there was a double mismatch.Sketching a loud mouth confusing character hardly helped Nargis in any way.The fist thing you notice about her is her lips.Reminds you of Donald duck.Then her eyes.Then her accent.I actually feel bad for her, but also think this is not the last we have seen of her.This is exactly what people said when they saw Boom and Kat.Rest is history.

Ranbir – does try hard, very hard to get into the role.To a certain point he does especially in the first half.Second half border lines on overacting.I thought he was a bit too conscious of the role it was not as effortless as say Rajneeti or Rocketsingh.He is in the process of fine tuning his acting skills which is a good thing but I think he would still need a few years to come into his own to  be considered in the league of say Aamir Khan when getting into the skin of a character is required.

Overall – I am quite disappointed – it underscores the age old curse that  a great trailer does not equal a great movie.I am going to go with a 2/5 only for the attempt to do something different else it would be lesser.

6 thoughts on “Rockstar – The rock hits you.

  1. I disagree… with most of what you say actually. According to me the movie was all about how the songs came together for an artists, one by one, line by line. You just have to have a taste for the direction, which again varies from person to person. And if you think an average JAT cannot idolize Jim Morrison, you are way off mark….

  2. Finally… a review to which I agree completely. I went to this movie only because our office was sponsoring the tickets. I got a headache at the end of it.
    Can’t say when was the last time I watched anything this bad.

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