Sherlock Holmes

A Guy Ritchie movie.- has it’s trademark slo-mo violence.

  • If you enjoy a slick action movie then this is it.
  • If you enjoy a dark story then this is it it.
  • If you enjoy super natural elements this is it.
  • If you enjoy  overlooking some loopholes in the script,then this is it.

In a nut shell,this is a movie which is total entertainment,dont use too much brains as you might bump into more than one loophole in the script,

enjoy the way it is meant to be enjoyed.Needless to say RD as the junkie ,eccentric Holmes adds a new flavor to the character.JL is less than impressive in his role, however funnily the movie has some of the best scenes when they share screen space.This movie moves at a fair pace in the beginning,slops somewhere in between and then marginally picks up towards the end. The screenplay is the highlight,some shots are stunning and the angles are breathtaking.

What I would have done differently –

  • Edited the length by about 20mins.
  • Removed the love angle between Watson and his fiancée.
  • Given a deeper,darker angle to Sherlock’s love interest.
  • Stick to one story angle – either murder mystery or dark super natural thriller.
  • Made Holmes a bit more suave, maybe even show his dark side – megalomania ?
  • or throw in a surprise twist with Watson.

overall a good entertaining movie.must watch category..may be not must keep category. I am going 3.5/5.

Your Thoughts?

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