Star Wars Rogue One – A view

You know some people watch Star Wars for the stunning special effects, and some watch it for the characters and their journey lines. Combining these elements you have an epic storyline and the movie goes on to become a cult.

I liked loved revered, the original trilogy for the underlying narrative. Think of binary, 1 and 0. Darkness and light.  Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker.The characters fit in so beautifully. Each so well defined, with a history, and a complexity ,that made this out of the world experience so real.

The darkness of Lord Vader’s character accentuated by the restraint,mysticism and gravitas of his personality. It underscores someone with deep knowledge and mastery, a powerful adversary.

On the other side was Luke, the young apprentice. Like a caterpillar waiting to transform. The self limiting doubts, vulnerability and the inability to realize his true potential ,represented hope against the darkness.

And somewhere in between you had a powerful character Yoda representing the wisdom that comes from experience.Ob1 and other similar characters balanced the narrative brilliantly, each playing a part to move the narrative forward.

The underlying story line was so ahead of its times, that I sometimes wonder if George Lucas had a vision or access to some alien classified files? The visualization was so complete and ahead of its time that it still holds relevant today.

The fight between logic and faith. The fight between process and will power. The fight between light and the dark. It continues to this day. So when I see the sequels, I see no such underlying narrative, but just another sci-fi – flick with special effects packed in.

Star Wars was as much for kids as it was for adults. Rogue One seems it has forgotten to address the latter. So what is the solution ? I am going to be biased here and say, it needs a George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and a James Cameron to sit together to develop a strong script and then one of them directs it. I know its an outrageous thought. But that seems to me the only way the magic of  Star-Wars can be resurrected.

Let the force come back strong.