Star Wars TFA – A View.

What is common between most sequels? The magic is missing. That sums up the latest offering from a galaxy far away.

You know it is very difficult to recreate the magic, the connect that the original Star Wars series did. Neither the prequels, nor the first edition of the sequel recreates the same pull. They try and pull out all stops, including romping in old characters and some smart one liners. But I guess it would be fair to say you can only create magic once.

The Force Awakens. Deja Vu.  The sequencing is almost similar to The Return of the Jedi. You feel nothing new. There is no aha moment, no memorable Yoda quotes or even the villain Kylo Ren is missing gravitas . Think Darth Vader,he had a strong personality , a sense of calm, and that translated to power and made him one of the best villains of all time.

Kylo Ren fails to capture the aura of Darth Vader.Removing his helmet,so easily, demystified the persona.When you first saw Lord Vader open his helmet your jaws dropped. Sadly,none of that happened here.Even the mask of Kylo Ren is somewhat here and somewhere there. Not quite settled yet.

Likewise, on the bright side, Rey who is trying to find the force within her is hardly convincing of  a Jedi in the making. The light saber looks too big on her hands and she doesn’t create the same sense of amazement and frustration that ,Luke Skywalker was able to create.

Han Solo, is really , really looking old.Clearly, he couldnt have been a bounty hunter all these years.They needed to think something different for him. He looks tired and the action scenes seem very laboured.Missing Chutzpah , that made him so likable in the previous instalments.

BB8 – there is some originality here in the shape and size , however, it pretty much did, what R2D2 did, nothing new or nothing different.So as cute as it might look, purely from a cinematic angle,he does not do much other than carry the map unlike R2D2, who actually, doubled up as a co pilot to Luke at some point.

The special effects are fine, nothing new to report there. The one change I saw was the levitating vehicles no longer wobble, they are steady unlike the previous editions.The woblling sometimes added to the authenticity of these vehicles floating.

All in all, this movie has everything going for it , yet the magic, mystic and the deep philosophy is missing.These stories need to have a layered sense of story telling, just like the previous editions.The deep rooted philosophy of good versus bad, light and dark , like binary 1 or 0 – and was finely juxtaposed with shades of grey, something in between.These elements kept the magic alive.

All I can say, for folks who are looking for special effects, action and chase sequences, it may not disappoint them, but for folks who are looking for the underlying subtleties and philosophies, it is sadly dissapointing.We will have to wait till 2017 for Episode VII to release and create a new hope!

I am going to go with 2.5 on 5 for this edition of the Star Wars trilogy.