Talaash – Movie Review

Anybody heard of Pyaasi Atma  – Mithun Chakraborty starrer ? Ok its not that bad. Lets see westwards. Anybody remember Insomnia? Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hillary Swank starrer?  No? Well the lets review Talaash in as objective point of view as possible.

First, a  word of advise for Reema Kagti – the director : What you write and what you visualise on celluloid are a true testimony of a Directors ability or the lack of it.For the all the pseudo-intellectual look you have doesnt add up to compelling cinema then its probably not worth it you know.Add to that if Zohya Akhtar co-wrote the story my guess is you guys were having a rave party probably.

Making a film “look” serious doesnt make it a good movie.Yes the shots are good, the angles are fine and the technitions have done a decent job – but it still begs the question – where is the story? Now you did have a framework where the plot could have been tighter – but your sequencing of events were quite out of place.Instead of  bulding the tension, some section of the auidence were sniggling.

Well lets talk about the story then. What are you trying to show here? A psychological thriller? A murder mysterey ? A sentimental battle ? A love story ? A paranormal story ? …or all of them put in together? Unfortunately,the heterogenity of the storyline confuses the audience and fails to conenct.Ok so who are those directors who have managed to show layers of multiple storyline in a central plot? Recenet memory goes back to Christopher Nolan‘s Inception, or if you go a bit back in time a Robin Williams starrer What Dreams May come – or The Hours Director Stephen Daldry‘s multi timeline layered storyline.So what was the common factor in these movies ? A taut script,brilliant editing and amazing acting.Talaash scores in the acting department alone.

Aamir Khan’s quiet self restrained perfromance was good, so was Rani Mukherjee and glam doll Kareena.Dialogues are a bit clunky old school and some of the twists quite predictable.To me the standout performance was from Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Tehmur – he s going to give Irrfan Khan a run for his money if he gets some meaty roles in bigger films in the future.Watch out for this talented actor.

Loopholes in the script, some logical and some illogical disturb the momentum of the movie.Essentially,the  story revolves around an accidental death – a la –           “I know what you did last summer” kind of  plot albeit without the gory horror.The ramifications and the motive are somewhat addressed.Till such time a paranormal sequence kicks in. Khorsheed Bhavnagri ‘s  bestseller  – Laws of the Spirit World  seems to tbe source inspiration behind this sequence. Shernaz Patel does her quirkiest best to look spooky ( ok am sorry if she was not trying to look spooky) or wierdo neighbour.She really needs some good roles to do justice to her true potential.

Rumble,stumble,fumble and jumble the film drags towards the second half and finally the mysterey is solved.Unfortunately the only Aha moment in the movie was when Kareena is seen in the police van in the final sequence – but it failed to send a shiver down the spine.(aside: Remember how  Ram Gopal Varma managed to do that with Bhoot? ) Finally the movie comes to close with a glamless Rani soothing her insomniac husband.

Sigh. You know to be honest,I really wanted to this to be a good movie.Kahaani had raised my expectations subconsiciously.Add to that Aamir wouldnt do a film just like that.All in all – it was more of a dissapointment than a surprise.One time watch only, and you wont miss the world if you couldnt catch this in time.I am going to go with 2.5 out 5 for this effort.

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