Up – a wonderful poignant  animation motion picture. some highlights to look out for –

  • Expressions of Mr.Fredricksen. Even the faint quivering of the old man’s lips is so beautifully captured.You have to see the level of detailing that has gone into carving out these characters.amazing. they come to life – and you get sucked into the toon world thinking that is the place to be.
  • Editing – very beautifully edited, the movie moves swiftly from one scene to the other without any jagged edges.
  • Energy – the movie has a very positive feel to it somewhere  delivering the message of chasing your dreams. While there will be difficulties, but it s worth the chase.also it tells you to let go of things you love.
  • Emotion – some of the best scenes are when Mr.Fredricksen talks to his wife sitting on the couch and going through the adventure album.It touches a chord somewhere, and i am sure many of you will think hard about your future with your parter after this.

what could be done differently ?

  • Dogs talking was probably not a smart idea [ admitted it is a fantasy movie but still.]
  • Technically if Fredricksen was a kid when Charles muntz was a celebrity then you are looking at an age difference of about 20 years or thereabouts.So when they meet again,technically Fredricksen’s get shows him as a 70year old or thereabouts – thus by that logic a 90yr old Muntz was not a smart characterization. Again I know it is a fantasy and we cant really look for logic ,but I would have done it differently – probably have a scene which shows them as teenagers when Muntz takes the flight.
  • The other character -Russel – has some inconsistencies as  well – particularly his vocabulary, and command over the language. His parents could have been shown searching etc.

Over all – a good movie but falls short of greatness,some really good touch scenes and facial expressions make it worth a  watch. I am going with 3.5/5

Your Thoughts?

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