Well Done Abba

After a long time I saw a smartly made movie. Intelligent script and good acting.

The plot – At the heart of it is a simple story line. Turning the red tape in side out. Turning the system against itself.

The movie centers around a small village in southern part of India. The story revolves around A driver Arman Ali [Boman Irani] who justifies his  AWOL from work to his boss.

The whole narration is captured in flashback. The narrative style and screenplay are well done.

It s about a car driver,who wants to own a well in the village,which he can leverage all year round, drought notwithstanding.It would ensure his fields a constant supply of water, and therefore his family would be able to produce vegetables and sustain themselves and make them financially independent.

However, there is a small glitch. He needs to be certified below the poverty line to be eligible for a Government subsidy.And there lies the best part of the story.His struggle to go through all levels of government officials,bribing them and getting the grant.

However,the fun part is ,after bribing everyone at every step the net result is 0. The well never gets built.

It is then that he and his daughter turn it around .They register a case with the police of their well being stolen.!!

an outrageous claim, but was backed with all documents from the very same government offiicals justifying that the well was not only built but also they had tasted the water.!!

now , they fell in their own trap, and eat humble pie.

The story is extremely intelligently written and the scenes with the government officials were top notch.

What could have been different?

Well with all due respect to Shyam Benegal, I think the dual role for Boman, was pointless, so was the romance between his daughter and the mechanic.

The story length could have gone down by another 20mins. And it would have been really snappy.

In some places, movie looks a bit preachy and clunky dialogues and in some places it is like a documentary.  The even pace from Shyam Benegals erstwhile movies is probably missing.

Overall – this is a great watch, some minor things can be and should be ignored. Kudos to the writers and screenplay.

I am going to go with 3.5/5 and would recommend as a one time watch for sure.

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