Secret Superstar : A View

The content and context of Secret Superstar are real, hard and need to be addressed more in our society.  However, we will view this as more of a movie watching experience rather than the social cause it addresses.

We need to change the lens a little bit to really see what Secret Superstar has to offer from a  cinematic experience and not cloud our view by the nobility of it all.

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Case of Perception vs Talwars

The corrupt politician and the  lazy government servant, the conniving lawyer and the biased officer, the perverted boss and the proverbial night worker, the bitchy daughter in law and evil mother in law. The chauvinistic son and the dominating mother, the characterless artist and the hypocritical socialite, the patriarchal father and arrogant daughter, the dirty janitor and the frugal lender, the ruthless competitor and the office politician, the drunk driver and the brat rich kid, the arrogant star how conniving they are…so look around carefully, you are everywhere.

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Think Ahead

Sometimes, you need to zoom out of your life and see some of the trends around you that can potentially change the course of your life. Every 8 or 10 years there is a downturn, followed by a good run from a global economy standpoint.  The last one was in 2008 and it’s about time you brace up mentally and prepare well to tide over.

When the going gets tough, make the most of it.

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The 20% Rule

Its like the chains around an Elephant’s leg. The park officials tie the chain when the Elephant is first brought to the zoo. At first the elephant tries to break-free, but over time it gives up.

In time, the park officials merely wrap the shackles round a thick wooden peg instead of tying it tightly, because by now they have tamed the mighty Elephant’s mind, will and sense of freedom and seasoned it into believing that, he will never break free. Cruel, isn’t it?

Similarly, job seekers get trapped thinking the best they can do is get a 20% hike.

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Dunkirk : A View

Yes, its true, Dunkirk is a World War II epic. Gut -wrenching, suffocating, real-life depiction of the pain, fear, anguish and frustration of the horrors of war. But you died a hundred times with Schindlers List as well, and cringed with the Inglorious Basterds, cried listening to the Pianist, rooted for the Great Escape, yet admired Catch 22 ‘s irony  and whistled  with the soldiers crossing over  Bridge on the river Kwai, but your heart sank to see Life is Beautiful.

So what’s new with Dunkirk?

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