Happiness Quotient

Remember the scene from Titanic when Jack shouts out “I am on top of the world”  ? Yes didn’t it make you happy with him? The answer is Yes for most people. However did you notice there’s a bunch of guys who’ll say what’s the point of this short lived happiness? He eventually sinks in ice cold water – so much for being on top of the world for like 30 seconds.!

So whats your happy quotient?  Ever thought about that?. On a scale of 1 to 10  – where 1 being I am terribly un happy, and 10 being oh boy I am on top of the world.( no pun)

Did it ever occur that whether you say 1 or 9 it is so momentary? It is time bound? Yes for some unfortunate people time bound could have a different yardstick or intensity but the fact remains it does get over eventually.(think Shawshank  or Papillion) likewise the other end where you are tremendously happy – that too gets over ( think  Jerry Mcguire) so both these extremes are in some sense momentary. The are dynamic. They are cyclical.So every time you are in some deep trouble know for sure that it will surely go away, and the flip side is the moments of happiness one needs to keep their heads on their shoulders and remember not to go overboard in indulgence.


So where does that leave you ? A dull boring person? Not happy enough not sad enough, neither here nor there?  So much for preaching balance all this while! You run the risk of becoming indifferent,cold and even insensitive.While some hurt souls may say,well I d rather be indifferent than be hurt.But this ties back to my point above – when then hurt soul’s bad time is up – then they are forced to rethink their indifference strategy. Now apply this into real life situations and see the results.  You just got a raise in times of recession and you go ah well- this just a carrot for me to to do double work! Likewise you just got dumped by the woman you loved for so many years,and you think ah well, life will keep moving. Damn.!


So here’s the punch line –  Breathe life into your life .!  Enjoy the highs and cry through the lows, get hurt, make mistakes, but rise up again and enjoy the success, be stupid , be foolish, learn and be smart and  intelligent, be everything as it is supposed to be  – just be yourself! Don’t spend the better part of your life trying to be some one you are not.I’d rather be myself, take it or leave it.In the age of De-risking , politically correct statements and straight jacketed rules – learn to fly.









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