Hope and Positivity – Mutually Exclusive.

Keeping hope and positivity mutually exclusive is a difficult.

When the going gets tough most people crack under pressure. The last iota of hope no longer floats. There are no friends to talk. The situation is dark and negative all around you.A wrong move here would result in a catastrophic failure. The people you consult are no longer around.You are alone.

This situation is typically accentuated if there is a new management,new boss, or a take over or the good old company politics.I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many more such situations.So how does one deal with this ?What does one do to keep up flame burning ?

  • Basically Right – when in strife fall back to your basics – do the small things correctly. Don’t ignore this.You see when the going is good, a lot of the basic stuff is ignored or taken for granted because you have something else,something more bigger to show.However the equation changes when times are tough.Even the smallest mistake or delay sticks out.Take for example an mundane non critical email sits in your inbox awaiting response.Shit happens when you get a stinker from your boss because some joker has escalated the issue of your  non-responsiveness.Yea the key word is shit happens.So be careful.Stick to a 3 or 4 hour email response time for most cases. Likewise there are many such mundane tasks – appraisals, forecast preparations,business review presentations,budgeting P & L, hiring, firing, bug fixing, account mapping…whatever applicable.
  • Real world – This is difficult but necessary.get real.The earlier the better. analyse your situation objectively, simplify and break it down categorically.See
    • what you can do and what you can not ?
    • Check what you can accept and what you can not?
    • Sticking around vs. quitting ?
    • Taking risk now vs taking a risk 6 months later?
    • suppose you were to continue doing this? What happens?
    • What should you stop doing? what happens?
    • Now vs. 6 months later. etc etc.

Add similar thought process custom to your situation and ask yourself the tough questions.If you kid your self here, life will kid you back big time..then don’t go on to blame your               luck or fate for everything.

  • Think Tank – think think think just like in Tigre and Pooh ! Think hard, embrace yourself for that consequences of such an action both for or otherwise.There are many people in an organization who simply outlast other people – sheer tenacity, thick skin, call it whatever.They too become leaders and successful in their own right.they are the kind of bosses you dont wanna have.But guess what that is reality.You can’t choose your boss. Needless to say this is not applicable if you have the the ‘avant garde’ entrepreneur lurking inside you somewhere…waiting for the right kick to get started. But for the lesser working mortals,you have no choice but to think as objectively as possible about this situation,and get on with life.Here are a few things you can try –
    • Set a time line to execute. – any activity beyond it’s worthy time, is futile.
    • Set a deadline – work backwards – set a date by which you will do this or else…
    • Categorize –  group similar actions together.This will save you time and help you get a grip on things.
  • Paralysis by Analysis /Executive Decision – you know, every point has an equally valid opposite view.At some point, instead of slicing and dicing further just take a decision.Lest you will spend time in circles, perennially going back n forth over what you could do and what not.This could be possible and that could be possible.Like i said above – give it its due time, but beyond a point it becomes useless and pointless debating about it. So take action.Now this is a tricky thing – be ware this action could result in failure – but hey the way to look at it is – at least you have taken a  stance,got a to a conclusion,even though it is not favorable, tick mark as lesson learnt and the move on.needless to say as the stakes are  higher it is tougher to do this…but think of the cost,time,money,energy of not taking a decision? it is like saying life is perfect. life and perfection are oxymoron’s.
  • Mind It. – once you have taken a decision don’t look back if it back fires – instead move ahead.Deal with the new situation – get on with it, instead of licking your wounds and wallowing in self pity.Get going as quickly as possible.Remember the “hit-me-doll” no matter what hits you – you keep coming back.Know that every one makes mistakes.It s ok to screw up.We all did at some point in time or the other.But alarmingly – very people learn from it.so make sure the failure learnings are well treasured and let it become the source of inspiration or ignite the passion again – coz not doing it again.. doesn’t really take you anywhere isn’t it.? Keep trying – and you become mentally stronger a tougher nut to crack.As the old cliché goes – the harder you work – the luckier you get.It s a mind thing folks. Mental toughness is key to ones success.

So net net – yes this might not be your one stop solution to all your work woes – life keeps on presenting new situations and new scenarios and new problems..the idea is to keep working at it..someday you will reach a near perfect situation..and that’s as good as it gets..until a new spanner is thrown at you.Which is why hope and positivity are mutually exclusive.you can keep hoping..but if you are not positive then it becomes wishful thinking. You have to be positive irrespective of your situation.Thats the spirit.

You have to be positive because hope is not a strategy…

Your Thoughts?

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