My God

My God  – Is it time to stop the motor of the world? What will will it take to restore sanity to the planet? Have we reached a point of no return? Is it time to finally say “once and for all” ? Is it  “enough is enough” time yet? Is it “let me show them time” yet?Or is it still “let’s see what we can do” time, or “we condemn this and stand together” time or light candles and hold vigils time?Or is it big statement no action time”?  Or is it “just continue life” time?

What time is it?

How many times does it take for some action to be taken? How many times does it take to make something happen?How many times does it take to shut the terror factory down?How many times does it take to make changes?How many times do people need to die?

What time is it?

How many lives need to end? How many families need to weep ? How many orphanages we need to keep? How many hospitals we need to build? How many bottles of blood do we need? How many limbs need to be lost? How many stitches need to be done?

What time is it?

Let us quantify death and its variants and let everyone know.At least people will not be living in hope. If there is no resolution then its important that people know about it now.You can not have people live in hope and then get killed.You cannot have people live in fear and then get killed.You cannot have people being treated as targets.the least you can do is let people know nothing can be done – it is what it is.

So next time when you meet “their” God – strike a deal will you ? Looks like you are not getting the math right here.You do know that down below all humans , well at least some of them believe that there is only 1 God – turns out that’s not true.Unless ofcourse if you prove otherwise. But if there are 2 of You, then you seem to have no say in the scheme of things here.

So My God, its time you did something like an instant justice to restore some faith back into your followers.Otherwise, I can assure you many are getting a little tired of living the last few thousand years in just “faith”.