Unwrong the world

There are so many things that are wrong in the world we live in today.So much wrong that I wonder where do we begin to make it right? Or have we gone passed the stage of being able to fix it? That said, where does this lead us to? So many questions and so few answers. Sometimes it makes me wonder is this what was planned or are we designing our own destruction? When will realization strike people  or will it be too late for us to handle? Instances of hope and peace are few and far, joy and happiness are  strangely far.

Yet another Monday will get us back to work , some call it resilience and some ignorance. Life will move on in its path undeterred by sensitivity or cruelty. We if its only about moving on then why judge what is right or what is wrong? Most of our truths today change by mass consensus and so there is no ultimate truth,perhaps there never was.

So what will be the trigger point for a  mass conscience to kick in ? Who will do it? You ? Me?  Or something ? History is replete with instances when a relatively insignificant trigger has led to a massive catastrophe.While we wish for change it is  imperative to know ,that with change, we will see a new set of problems to deal with.So it is important that we level-set expectations.It isnt going to become one universal brotherhood of man where everything is perfect. But that’s phase 2.

For now, we need to worry about Phase 1 – which is making sure change is triggered across all sections of the society.A critical part is not only gathering momentum but sustaining the momentum.Who are those people who will make it happen ? Lets indulge in this thought a bit more. Imagine that trigger is you. Now how do you begin ? What is it that you need to do?

Do you begin by quitting your job? Your financial security? Your luxuries? Or do you go back to doing what you were and just wait for the tide to sway you off someday, and then you can probably blame it on mass consensus? Citing examples like ‘I didnt have a choice?’ Funnily that’s an example you use even now for starting a momentum. And so you know now, that why isnt change comiing to this world. For every one is thinking how do I get by my life.?

And those who argue saying yes why not ? As in why should I not get on with my life ? After all if It ake care of myself, then I am contributing to the society, besides if everyone took care of themselves then we’d all do well – isnt it?

But is it happening? No. Can it happen ? No. Because there will always be people with different ideologies and thought processes or the lack of it.Which is why we can never get an uniform result. So then what is the solution?




PS : Let me know if you get the answer.


10 thoughts on “Unwrong the world

  1. GB, I’m glad you raised this question. To my mind democracy works only if people remain active and united. You saw how the indifferent politicians wanted to quash the protests against the rapists with lathi charges and water canons initially. Later, they set up a special court to hear the case. And all because the people were more angry than afraid and the numbers kept swelling..

  2. I have stopped reading the newspapers in the morning these days, because I would end up with a bad mood everyday. Its distressing, and the worse part is I can’t do anything about it…

    • Oh but you can. it need not be a herculean effort.It could be a small change.Something which is in your control. It could be as simple as visiting an orphanage and teaching basic communication or writing skills to a child. Or it c ould be even reading a newspaper and teaching them how to do the same.
      IF all of us do our bit,then bit by bit we will make the world a bit better.

  3. Because there will always be people with different ideologies ……. I think the culprit is here. As long as there are two opinions about anything things will move at a slow pace (or not move at all)

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