2017 :Immediate Reality

Think about December of 2016  – what was different around you?  If you are a fellow earthling, not much.The usual suspects were there, in pun and reality. You had the same outrage, expression, vocabulary more or less, with minor additions and deletions here and there, otherwise, most things remained the same.

So is 2018 going to be any different? Let’s be different by not just hoping, but by doing. By changing things which are in your control for the betterment of your life. That said, then why wait till January 1? Change begins now.

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Yet Another Old New Year

So what has changed? What will change ? Nothing really.Some of the things events or activities that happened last year will again happen this year.Just like last year you were hoping it would be a new year with new things…but as time progressed you found out increasingly that it was the same thing happenieng again. you couldnt change yourself much and therefore the results didnt change either. So what are you celebrating the new year for this time?

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Happy Same Year to you!


Are you flexible ?

In the age of speed, attention deficiency and instant gratification is there room and scope for your to be rigid? Yet if you are too flexible then you land up being confused about your originality and run the risk of becoming a spineless jellyfish. If you are too balanced then you could be termed mediumistic. So now think are you flexible ? Do you want to be ?

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Rape – Ring The Bell

Every morning the headlines scream of a rape committed in some part of the country. You read the newspaper,or your e-device and switch to checking mails or perhaps some social media website to catch up with whats happeneing…since last night. You move on. You have a job to do,mouths to feed and bills to pay. What can you do other than sympathise?

Until one day it happens to you.Someone you know or love is a victim. It hits you real hard.Its then perhaps you realise what you didnt all this while.Its then you get some clarity on what needs to be done to stop this.

Perhaps its time,you stopped on that Monday morning and did something about it.

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When the mind is clouded, jammed with decisions to make,sit back relax and have a cup of coffee. No kidding. We forget to realize that there will always be a few things in this world which are beyond our control. So,why worry about them ? Save your time and energy for the next thing which is in your control and you will see a happier you.

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