F&F : Firing & Fairness

Capitalism and fairness are strange bedfellows. You can never balance the two, mostly it is a one sided contest. Being in the center is often not possible so either you are the victor or the victim.  The recent Tech Mahindra episode  had the entire corporate community divided in what needs to be done vs how it has to be done.

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Intorverts in Extroverts

Even if you searched Google for successful introverts – the top search results had  words like insanely, wildly,crazily successful introverts! Take a look at the advertisements around us and you will notice words like “Mean-Machine”, “Killer-shot” , or in sports  “that went like a tracer bullet”, or in food “that’s like gunpowder hot” or even birthdays “Have-a-blast” , defining excellence in ability,taste or even celebration.

Wait a minute. Didn’t we define terrorists by those superlatives?

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