Rape Age

You are a rapist. I am a rapist. Yes, you read that right. You know why?

Chances are,that the women you interact with,might think of you as a potential threat.Because the modern age rapist, breaks all stereotypes as far age or looks are concerned.He could just about be anyone, really anyone – you or me. We are in the Rape Age.

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Rape – Ring The Bell

Every morning the headlines scream of a rape committed in some part of the country. You read the newspaper,or your e-device and switch to checking mails or perhaps some social media website to catch up with whats happeneing…since last night. You move on. You have a job to do,mouths to feed and bills to pay. What can you do other than sympathise?

Until one day it happens to you.Someone you know or love is a victim. It hits you real hard.Its then perhaps you realise what you didnt all this while.Its then you get some clarity on what needs to be done to stop this.

Perhaps its time,you stopped on that Monday morning and did something about it.

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So how did you celebrate the new year? Did you have fun ?Or were you disturbed ? Rape, corruption, scams,crimes, wars, attacks …all happening around you…what impact did it have on you..or your new year celebration?

There is a sense of dichotomy in times we live in isnt it?

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