Under The Hood

True blue, pedigree, high potential, are some words used to describe the best in class.If you follow Cricket this example will somewhat suffice. Sachin was a genius player, Saurav was an above average player, but Sachin was a below average captain while Saurav was certainly the much better captain.

Yet both their teams had very different results.

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Shockingly News

Shock sells, sanity rolls its eyes over,yawns. Normal is boring. In recent social media backlash, outrage over News Channels’s shocking and insensitive coverage,  I wonder if we will ever watch a regular story? Will we ever have a contest which does not use the word explosive, dhamaka, or describe any superlative performance with killer instinct,extreme, insane, and similar examples?

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Intorverts in Extroverts

Even if you searched Google for successful introverts – the top search results had  words like insanely, wildly,crazily successful introverts! Take a look at the advertisements around us and you will notice words like “Mean-Machine”, “Killer-shot” , or in sports  “that went like a tracer bullet”, or in food “that’s like gunpowder hot” or even birthdays “Have-a-blast” , defining excellence in ability,taste or even celebration.

Wait a minute. Didn’t we define terrorists by those superlatives?

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When we first saw Mind your language, it was absolutely hilarious.Then as the world grew flatter you realised it was more real than ever. You realised that names were not restricted to Jack and Jill there were Hu ,Shu , Anal ,Subramnian,Siriporn, Winterbottom, and that Richard was Dick. It wasn’t funny anymore.These are the people you work with,live with or interact with in someway or the other. And along with these names came their different accents.Some you understood,but most you ridiculed. Well times have changed.

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When is the right time to exit a situation or an argument ? Ave you ever thought  about how long to stretch ? Besides how do you know

whether it is the right time to stop and make it a smart decision versus the biggest mistake.? What if continuity was the right option?

Life is  a paradox and we all get sucked in somewhere or the other. the idea is to keep it simple and keep moving mentally.Getting

stagnated in the mind never helps.


So read about what s the best time to get the hell out of here?

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