The Herd Wars

The various systems in the world live or die with their herds. They form an integral part of the ecosystem. Yet, the herd mentality is looked down upon without realizing the power of it all.The constant combustion, compression, expansion and pressure will create a new nerd to lead the herds!

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India Chalta Hai


Chalta Hai Yaar is perhaps the most commonly used phrase in India these days.All languages,dialects,have a similar expression. Light Tisko,Swalpa Adjust Madi,Thand Rakh,Take it easy etc. are various forms of this expression in the country today.

Does this also reflect the country’s identity and mindset ? 

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Patternless Parenting

Flying a rocket to the moon might be easier.

Cracking the Da Vinci code might be easier.

Figuring out how many stars are there in the sky might be easier….but Parenting?

Parenting is the most difficult job in the whole world.It beats everything hands down.

Imagine how difficult a kid you were and you just might take the first step in understanding what parenting really is, or rather how patternless it is.

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