The 20% Rule

Its like the chains around an Elephant’s leg. The park officials tie the chain when the Elephant is first brought to the zoo. At first the elephant tries to break-free, but over time it gives up.

In time, the park officials merely wrap the shackles round a thick wooden peg instead of tying it tightly, because by now they have tamed the mighty Elephant’s mind, will and sense of freedom and seasoned it into believing that, he will never break free. Cruel, isn’t it?

Similarly, job seekers get trapped thinking the best they can do is get a 20% hike.

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The Average Joe

In this day and age, where does the average Joe stand ? Is he expected to buckle up like all the other supermen or is he expected to fade away into oblivion? When the great speakers advocate follow your heart and the average Joe believes that and tries to implement those thoughts at his workplace, more often than not, it backfires.

So what should be the right foot forward ?

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Humility & Losers

When someone you know says “I have the best deal in the world” – what is your reaction?How many times have you heard this at a social gathering or at work or even at school ? And if you quietly shrug and smile. There is a problem. Has it occurred to you that the world might think of you as a LOSER ?

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LET : Lame Excuses Truly

Monday morning is here and some of us wont turn up for work.Some of us who are at work will hear the LET’s. I have a headache, wont be in today, I have a stomach problem,cant make it today or the best or worst  – there has been a death in the family. And you are left wondering what to do how to react?You gut feeling tells you that they are bullshitting big time.

And then you go back in the not so distant past and realise you had some gems of your own.

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Anger & Management

Where there are people,there will be conflict.Most common at workplace. Yet workplace is also the place where you learn the best lessons in compromise,maturity and balance. How many times have you stood your ground and made your point forcefuly?How many times have you got into an argument and nothing really came out of it? How many times have you snapped at the slightest provocation ? These situations are here to stay,and will be there with you for the rest of your work life.So its best you know how to handle it.

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Monday : Best Day

Are you the type to perpetually whine about the Monday morning blues? Hate getting up in the morning and going to work? Have a grumpy face and detest people you meet along the way? Well here is a small article about how Monday’s could actually be the best day of your week. Read it here.