Emotional Blackmail

Parents emotionally blackmailing their children is not an uncommon phenomena in a society like ours,however,bullying and terrifying their wards is rare but it seems its happening more than what meets the eye. The dominated children go on become subservient under confident adults and continue to get harassed not only by the world but in their homes as well.

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Humility & Losers

When someone you know says “I have the best deal in the world” – what is your reaction?How many times have you heard this at a social gathering or at work or even at school ? And if you quietly shrug and smile. There is a problem. Has it occurred to you that the world might think of you as a LOSER ?

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Patternless Parenting

Flying a rocket to the moon might be easier.

Cracking the Da Vinci code might be easier.

Figuring out how many stars are there in the sky might be easier….but Parenting?

Parenting is the most difficult job in the whole world.It beats everything hands down.

Imagine how difficult a kid you were and you just might take the first step in understanding what parenting really is, or rather how patternless it is.

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