Dramatic begets drastic, drastic induces madness, madness guarantees catastrophe! When you have a mix of madness, multiple communication platforms, low-cost technology easily accessible and mass usage,  it makes for a heady cocktail or shall we say, a recipe for disaster.

Hyper communication has changed the way we live and poses a threat to our future. Elections get decided on mass consensus, leaders are chosen on custom tailored messaging to appease masses and they, in turn, are influenced by the communication they see, read and hear on social platforms which being engineered by a few minds behind a computer.

Will an algorithm now decide the future of peoplekind?

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Shockingly News

Shock sells, sanity rolls its eyes over,yawns. Normal is boring. In recent social media backlash, outrage over News Channels’s shocking and insensitive coverage,  I wonder if we will ever watch a regular story? Will we ever have a contest which does not use the word explosive, dhamaka, or describe any superlative performance with killer instinct,extreme, insane, and similar examples?

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20/20 Temptations

So the next time you doubt yourself to become great, remember to count the number of times you said, “its impossible” before getting to that point of a roadblock. As the world jumps into making resolutions, zoom out a bit, fix the mind, clear the temptation to slip into a negative mindset and then step out to become great!

Have a clear year ahead!

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Climate Change Parenting

Dealing with Climate Change is quite like parenting a child.  you don’t know how they will turn out, but its not worth the risk to leave them unattended. Because there are few things in life, that you do not just for yourself, your future, but also for others and their future. Like it or not, we are all tied to the same planet.

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Analysis of a Viral Post

Its not often you get  a chance to be viewed a million times, liked five thousand times and commented about four hundred times. And for me it was a first. But as I sifted through the content , I came across a few common observations – the top one being, if you can’t offer a job, then they are not interested to connect further !

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