The Smug Identity

What is your perception of Garfield ? The smug cat. The cat with attitude. Right? But what if there was another side to it?  Would you even consider that as an option ? Think of those people around you and how you perceive them  without really knowing their other side.

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Judge Mentally Yours

That far away distant look, or those shifty eyes, those missed connections and the over crowded mind – all trigger perceptions and perceptions are the core reason people connect or disconnect with each other. Add a dash of pressed schedules, deadlines, and an overflowing task list  – it all makes for a perfect recipe for being judgmental.

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Good Doc. Bad Doc.

How many times have you squirmed when some one said” hey did you know he is a good doc?You should absolutely go to him?’ Or he or she is such a bad doctor – “I am never going back to him , and so should you.!”

People form perceptions about doctors without understanding an iota of the science or skill required behind it. My question is why?

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Call Centric

‘Oh so you work in a  call center?’  ‘That’s for lesser mortals not for some qualified engineer like you.’

‘Go look for a decent day job buddy.’

How many times have we heard this in our environment.People form perceptions and opinions without really investigating facts and figures.

Let us find out and dig a little deep to find out and bust the myth around working in the BPO industry.

This post is dedicated to all those people who work in the BPO sector and are doing a damn good job.

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Cheers GB



Perceptions are reality or is reality a function of perception ? Can these change or impact out lives?

Do we have any control over them?

How do we know what perceptions we trigger and how do we use it to out advantage?

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