Case of Perception vs Talwars

The corrupt politician and the  lazy government servant, the conniving lawyer and the biased officer, the perverted boss and the proverbial night worker, the bitchy daughter in law and evil mother in law. The chauvinistic son and the dominating mother, the characterless artist and the hypocritical socialite, the patriarchal father and arrogant daughter, the dirty janitor and the frugal lender, the ruthless competitor and the office politician, the drunk driver and the brat rich kid, the arrogant star how conniving they are…so look around carefully, you are everywhere.

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Reality Check @16

If you could time travel  and meet your 16 year old self, what could you possibly say that would make sense to him or her? So much has changed,that it almost seems impossible to share any guidance that would make sense so many years ago.

But if I had to, then here are a few observations that would perhaps still hold true back then.

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Olympics & Sachin


Just like Sachin is  to Cricket, Cricket is to other sports in the country. Everyone focuses only or mostly on Cricket , and once in 4 years when Olympics come along, the nation wakes up to lesser mortals and their stories of  struggles and survivals.

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The Rise of Incompetence

Stretching is the order of the day, and best is passé. People keep stretching more and more until their competence starts to become incompetence.  Its like pushing the boundaries so much that you fall off the edge, knowing that the world is flat, but if it is round, then you go back to where you started.

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The Smug Identity

What is your perception of Garfield ? The smug cat. The cat with attitude. Right? But what if there was another side to it?  Would you even consider that as an option ? Think of those people around you and how you perceive them  without really knowing their other side.

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Judge Mentally Yours

That far away distant look, or those shifty eyes, those missed connections and the over crowded mind – all trigger perceptions and perceptions are the core reason people connect or disconnect with each other. Add a dash of pressed schedules, deadlines, and an overflowing task list  – it all makes for a perfect recipe for being judgmental.

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How many times have you heard yourself say that I ve not done this? or this is not me ? or Nothing is going to happen, or all will be fine. It will soon get over. etc. Only to be rudely woken up by reality. So what do you do  to handle negative denial to positive denial?

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Sexually Harrased India

The recent article in CNN about how an American woman got groped,masturbated at, stared and filmed on her visit to India has raked up 800,000 views. The question here is  -what perception does it trigger about  a first time traveller to India ?

Here is an objective article articulating how to look at the situation in India, what to believe and what to dismiss, a view on things to keep in mind and more importantly what how to have a neutral view of the situation.

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Area 51 – A Rational View

If aliens were in town, you could be sure that would’ve been on the Oprah Winfrey show by now and not hiding in a remote underground bunker in Area 51! The disclosure or acknowledgement of the existence is not an a-ha moment for most of us and for those few who did have an aha moment, they have  a lot of Youtube footage to catchup.

What difference does it make to your life if there was an Area 51 or not? Or whether it really made a difference to your Monday morning ride to work? Or your evening stroll to the bar? Zilch.

So lets get on with life till it comes back with a new definition…as X files suggested..the Truth is out there….

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Lance : Unstrong

Truth shall set you free Lance, but it will haunt a generation of people following you.


Life is about evolving – we all deserve a second chance dont we ?

Read and find out which of the above sentiment you identify with most?

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Call Centric

‘Oh so you work in a  call center?’  ‘That’s for lesser mortals not for some qualified engineer like you.’

‘Go look for a decent day job buddy.’

How many times have we heard this in our environment.People form perceptions and opinions without really investigating facts and figures.

Let us find out and dig a little deep to find out and bust the myth around working in the BPO industry.

This post is dedicated to all those people who work in the BPO sector and are doing a damn good job.

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Cheers GB



Perceptions are reality or is reality a function of perception ? Can these change or impact out lives?

Do we have any control over them?

How do we know what perceptions we trigger and how do we use it to out advantage?

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