Consistent Champ or Comeback Kid?

Lasse Viren fell down running the Olympic 10,000 meter final at the Munich games, and then went on to win a world record. Ben Ainslie won the America’s cup coming back from a huge deficit. Dennis Taylor came back to beat Steve Davis. India beat Australia after following on in the 2001 series. Tom Brady’s Patriots came back from a massive deficit to win NFL!

World just loves comebacks, but spare a thought for the consistent champions, who is rooting for them? Who is rooting for consistency and design ?

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Dangal – A View

Making movies with a social message is not uncommon in Bollywood. Making movies on sports is a recent trend that is catching up. Recent movies like Iqbal, Chak De are some examples of good movies. But what sets Dangal apart?

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Cricket Moving

Twenty percent of the world watches Cricket today, that is more than 1.5Bn people. This explosion of new audience has come by way of making the game more reachable to the masses.

To make it more reachable, it has simplified the sport on hand, and made it more lucrative on the other. This poses the question, whether the sport is being compromised to reach more audiences or are the audiences maturing up to understand the nuances of the game?

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Olympics & Sachin


Just like Sachin is  to Cricket, Cricket is to other sports in the country. Everyone focuses only or mostly on Cricket , and once in 4 years when Olympics come along, the nation wakes up to lesser mortals and their stories of  struggles and survivals.

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Sach is Life

The tag line – No games only sports applies to this man. The Kabir couplet “aisi karni kar chalo, tum hanson aur jag roye ( do something so good that you smile while you go, and people miss you and cry for you)  – when was the last time you read a tribute about a sportsperson without talking about a single achievement on the field , instead just talk about the person alone? This is but a small tribute to a small -tall man called Sachin Tendulkar!

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Lance : Unstrong

Truth shall set you free Lance, but it will haunt a generation of people following you.


Life is about evolving – we all deserve a second chance dont we ?

Read and find out which of the above sentiment you identify with most?

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State of Cricket

So where do we begin to fix out most loved sport?  Over the years, we have seen an alarming decline in performance, more importantly the manner of losing has been quite disturbing. So here is a proposed 10 point plan to fix the slide.

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