Hope Stress

Is hope stressing you out this new year? Are you leading a life hoping that magic will happen someday? Are you mixing up being hopeful with expectations of a perfect result? What are you going to change to make hope a more relaxing experience?

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How many times you felt like Jim Carey in Mask ? Like as if there is a hidden you which needs to rip out the facade and share your true opinion ? Its like calling BS as bull-shit. Its like cutting the crap and coming to the point. But the fact remains you dont, well mostly. A conflict is looked down upon and its maturity questioned. 

But have you ever wondered if conflict could be used positively?

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Humility & Losers

When someone you know says “I have the best deal in the world” – what is your reaction?How many times have you heard this at a social gathering or at work or even at school ? And if you quietly shrug and smile. There is a problem. Has it occurred to you that the world might think of you as a LOSER ?

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The Origin of Truth

People are perpetually angry,agitated,irritated,suppressed,oppressed with their own realities,with their own truths.The world keeps spinning on multiple truths.To each his own. Have you ever thought of the origin of truth? What was the first truth in life?  Is there a single source of truth in our lives?

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When the mind is clouded, jammed with decisions to make,sit back relax and have a cup of coffee. No kidding. We forget to realize that there will always be a few things in this world which are beyond our control. So,why worry about them ? Save your time and energy for the next thing which is in your control and you will see a happier you.

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