Lodgycally Yours

Dear Wanderer.

The more you travel the world, the lesser is the distance between hearts. But that does not hold true for space.The more you travel the world, more of the world, travels with you.You keep on adding memories and trinkets to your life…and car.

Think about a road trip back in the days. First up, the only options were trains or busses, consider yourself rich, if you owned a car. If you did own a car, chances are, you had very limited options. And then there was your joint family.The family size, was more than what you could fit in through those 4 doors.

Remember how odd you felt sitting on someone’s lap because there was no space? How 7 or 8 shrunk into a seat of 4! Remember how you looked out of the window to get some fresh air from the stuffiness inside? You had no climate control. Deodorant & hope were your only saviors.While one was easy to get the other was like finding water on the moon.

You never had a massive boot space of 207 liters expandable to 1861 liters! Try asking your parents or grandfather what 1861 litres of boot space means to them? They might even infer it to be a garage space.

Circle back 20 years and think what was that one thing that changed all our lives ? What’s that one word that has changed the way we think, eat, live or carry the world with us? What’s that one word which has opened our lives to newer experiences?  The answer is Options. The power of choice. You now have more than what you ever thought you would , you can now imagine what you never could, you can now do things that you never did.

Think of the things you left behind just because you could not fit in.Be it you or your car.  You learned to adjust and compromise. Fountainhead or Crime & Punishment could not coexist on your holiday. Could you carry the books you wanted? Or the music you wanted. Remember two-in-one’s? Unlikely.

The only music you could carry was your Walkman. For those who don’t know what a Walkman is,it used to be the uber style statement of the times – a mobile cassette player! But there’s a catch – yes you guess it, you had better be rich. And if you were, your Mom would let you carry only 2 cassettes lest they get spoilt or lost. So you learned to live without music.

Think of places you missed going, or simply missed reaching. All because  the map book you bought ,was not the latest one…or hot tea spilled over it while the wheel hit a pothole.You only suspension you had, was that of sheer disbelief.You learned to live with it. You stopped to make a phone call if at all you found a decent hotel on the way.You simply had no choice.

Think of the gooey fruit basket,the greasy food basket and the leaking water bottle – all neatly packed in a large orange bag, covered with old newspapers protected in between legs so that the contents don’t dislodge. Just then the rogue road bump,arrives with a thump.You jump.Compromise,adjust and forget it, were the commonly accepted terms. Good-enough was a way of life.

Now back to the future.Its 2015. The first image you carry is Dil Chahta Hai  or Zindagi Na milegi Dobara when you think about a road trip.Don’t you? You don’t worry about comfort,technology, safety or entertainment.There is no compromise.There are options.You have choices.You are free. You travel light. You don’t worry about the tangible. You carry your dreams,memories,wishes,indulgences and moments.

In our frenetic planet, we often forget to appreciate the simple things that make our journey’s smoother and our lives better.We often focus on the end result and mostly forget how we got there…or who got us there.So take a moment to think about the things that make your road trip special.The things that make it possible for you to live your dream.

With the Renault Lodgy, you carry your world. Logical, isn’t it?

Lodgycally Yours,


Renault Lodgy.


I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.



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