00BloGoaAll those wander are not lost, and all those who are lost don’t want to be found – that kind of sums up my experience at the Goa Livlodgycal/Blogadda event.

With busy lives, come easy excuses. Lack of time,  prior commitments, expenses are perhaps the oft self-quoted reasons for skipping an event. Yet there was a near full turnout. Surely, for some a fully paid logistics was a trigger, for some meeting bloggers was a trigger, for some test driving the Renault Lodgy was trigger – however for me it was just about being part of an extended family.DSCN9128

A set of people , very similar  and yet very different in their own right , all tied together with a common thread blogging. That’s how families are isn’t it?  You come across so many interesting characters and their characteristic blogs that you just stand fascinated to know there is a whole new  world spinning around you. Words that leapt out of the templates and expressed in front of you give you a whole new perspective. You almost step out of your world  and realize there is  another one – surreal ,isn’t it?

Duck DuckThere is an immediate  connect when you hear the words “Take your world with you”. Driving the Renault Lodgy was a similar experience. The Goa monsoons are poetic by design, the roads are inviting , and when you travel with people you like – the ride is quite memorable. The Renault folks were quite sporty, they participated, coordinated, and more importantly mingled with the bloggers quite well.

SerenityDSCN9096 DSCN9098 DSCN9123 WP_20150620_17_26_18_ProDSCN9126DSCN9135DSCN9174 DSCN9177








Bamboo Drink






This is my second visit to the Leela’s and I can say they have maintained the same uber standards over time. The Leela property is perhaps one of the most well kept and maintained. Their attention to detail is just amazing ,considering the size of the property. The staff was responsible, courteous and available for most of our needs.A special mention for the Mobor beach – with the advent of rain it was just magical.

The Blogadda family was perhaps the X factor in this whole event. They really made it work. Managing forty ticking minds and channelizing them from one event to the other was almost six sigma standards. It was evident to me, that it was not because they were doing a job, it was because they were passionate – about the event, their company, and the bloggers. Each of them stretched beyond their capacity.

While everyone did a great job,my bias towards Harish is not unique. He did an outstanding job managing the event.There are many who might feel the same way. He is a good bloke with a balanced head on his shoulders. It was so much fun interacting with him. Simplicity and spontaneity still hold the charm for people like me who largely live in a world by design. So keep up the good work.

As I head back into reality, I recall my team mates, Jobo, Ankit, Piyush each of them played their part perfectly to make the experience memorable. We covered the journey from being strangers to acquaintances at the Jolly Bar on the way as we got lost. Ego’s were left behind, humor was the only company we took along the ride and within hours we were bonding like we knew each for so many moons.

WP_20150620_10_50_40_Pro (2)Until we meet again, cherish the dream and enjoy the reality.








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