What Is Gyanban?

Gyan = Knowledge  Ban = stop

Since there is no end to knowledge, the title therefore is ironic, never ending perhaps. Neverending like the issues in our lives.The blog revolves around discussing simple everyday issues.The only expectation from the reader is that it should trigger a thought in your mind. Originally thought to be titled under the expression Ja-Saala -the meaninig of which is explained below.

Now, let me share what you can expect –

  • Footprints

    • This section talks about a variety of situations from your daily life.
    • Something to tickle your imagination.
    • Something to make you sit up and think.
  • GyanXchange.
    • A forum where fellow colleagues can share.
    • A forum where you ask the questions and you give the answers.
    • A place which talks about everyday work challenges.
  • Movie Gyan

    • What could have been different ?
    • All Time Must Watch Movie List.
    • Movie reviewsa nd views.

The drop down menu in each section will show older posts.Enjoy the posts and have fun reading this compilation.

Who knows you might find your true calling somewhere in there..

Please feel free to not comment if you dont like what you read or if it is not worth your attention.Thats fine.Happy to hear your counter thoughts if you choose to express.If you agree and want to leave a comment, I can only hope that it is genuine and not cosmetic as is the case in most of the blog world.Please let me know where you blog and I will be happy to read your creations as and when I get time.

you can also email me at   gyanbann at gmail dot com .




When the lightening misses you and strikes the tree behind ….you can hear

Ja saala !

Ja Saala ! is an  expression which has been a part of our lives ever since we were born.Chances are it might even be our last few words…

Some of the other international variants are –

  • What the heck !
  • WTF !
  • What the hell !
  • O My my !
  • Oh Dear!
  • O derrière  me ! [ err uh maybe not this one]

The Local variants are  –

  • Ja baba  [ ~ a close cousin]
  • Aila !
  • Ai Ai iyo
  • Oh Teri !
  • Ubbay Teri !
  • Dhat Tere Ki !

Different people say it different ways but the meaning never changes, the expression is priceless.The sense of satisfaction is unbelievable.

You’ve got to say it to believe it.!

Here are some situations you can find this most applicable –

  • You just got sacked ~ snap Ja saala! [short and hard]
  • You got dumped ~ shock Ja saala ! [ stammer wide eyed]
  • You got lost ~ mutter Ja saala ! [ trail off]

and there are more, but I am sure you get the drift…but let me tell you this is not about sadness or loss all the time – it is also about happiness and fun.Here are some examples which you can expect Ja saala to come up trumps –

  • You got promoted out of turn ~ quietly say Ja saala !
  • You just got the best gal in town ~ ecstatically exclaim Ja saala !
  • Your Boss just got fired ~ wicked smile,raise eyebrows and say Ja saala!

so you see friends, this is a part of everyday life. We are just not about fun at workplace or life  we also beileve in giving back to the society.

This initiative is to raise awareness of Ja Saala moments around the world.

Like Earth hour we are also observing Ja Saala times dedicating one hour everyday thinking of the Ja Saala moments that went by, and anticipating the ones yet to come.


So what if the lightening hit tree behind you,and then the tree fell on you…you can say …Ja Saala..  !


Please feel free to add your JaS! moments.

4 thoughts on “What Is Gyanban?

  1. u made me read ur Ja Saala’s out based on parenthesis out loud 😛

    Im new, wandering and tip toe-ing around. Still not familiar with the know hows of this over whelming blog world ive stepped into, but for now ill mark u down as a blog to follow and see if my mind survives everything!

  2. Hey! good original concept of ‘ja-saala’. Ready to provide you with ja-saala reviews.

    Your writing skill where you delicately mix your sense of humor is really fantastic. This ja-saala country surely needs you.
    All the best.

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