Dont Read About Me.

Well, now that you couldn’t resist temptation,I might as well tell you a little bit about myself.

On a lighter note:

Kawshun – Read at your von riks !
Now that you are curious let me tell you a something about what I am not –

  1. Not a person to fall -in-line.
  2. Politically Correct
  3. Someone who has a High Need for approval.
  4. Who chooses Packaging over Content.
  5. Simple at all.
  6. One Track Mind.
  7. A Single Personality.
  8. Rebel without a cause.
  9. Close to Diverse Opinions.
  10. Great Poet.

Well if you re are to truly appreciate and more importantly connect with me – then I’d imagine you would typically have more than 6 attributes mentioned above.

if not – then I am guessing you might find the blog

  1. Boring
  2. Confusing
  3. Don’t Know

Which is fine with me as well.


Why Gyan Ban ?

I have had the privilige to travel to many cities around the world, and have lived in many of them as well.During this journey I have met a lot of people,experienced a lot of lifestyles and had first hand experiences of what makes people tick or get ticked off. Naturally, this translates into a lot of data about these people,places,and experiences – this is nothing but the ‘gyan’ or knownledge.

It is often ridiculed in this day and age of instant gratification.Patience is low and people need quick fixes for everything.Their listening skills have become selective and if they do not identify with what you say then you are deemed an outcast or branded “different”. Which is why the second bit of the title is Ban – which serves as a reminder that people dont need gyan,there is enough and plenty of it already and no one is listening.Maybe all Gyan will be banned in time, but till then lets continue the journey of this grey thing called life.


About blog:

My goal is to address the elephant in the room in a neutral,objective and progressive way.

I have categorised the pages under different headers for the reader to navigate easily towards the desired content.

BIG Disclaimer:

You will find articles ranging from issues at everyday worklife, like promotions,peers,office culture,bosses, to interview experiences – almost everything under an everyday corporate life. The views expressed here especially about workplace/office culture, practices,behaviors are by no means related to my employers or my colleagues by any stretch of imagination.The observations are strictly not from my area of work : and that is by design because it would defeat the purpose of objectivity.My employers are in no way responsible  or connected for any content on my blog.I would request readers to not be judgemental on the articles and draw conclusions about my personal or work life.

Movie reviews :

You will find a very different take on movie reviews, I do not chonicle the movie or try to explain it scene by scene, instead draw inference on all aspect that went into making that movie :acting,screenpaly,editing,originality,similarity and and overall personal rating of the movie,which by no means is disrespectful to all those people who burnt the midnight oil to make the movie.


Finally About Me:

When someone once asked me what else do you do other than work? I drew a blank.Its then I decided to take up writing purely as a stress buster,an alternative engagement from the everyday rogours of life.I have a very low need for approval,so if you were to say wow your articles are mindblowing I’d probably say a polite thank you.If you were to say that my articles are general bull shit : I’d say a polite thank you. I guess you get the drift.

What I’d love to hear/read is an intellectual objective level comment/argument on the article whi serves as a base for a healthy discussion.No personal potshots no abuses,just plain simple discussions.If you are looking for “massala” /spicy celebrity gossip or a mushy romantic read, then this is clearly not the place.But I can assure you,I have a whacky sense of humor and there is a lot of scope of jest even in serious articles.

Otherwise,I am the regular guy,you see everyday on your way to work or at the store or in the metro,just like you.

Your Thoughts?

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