RSS = Rocket Singh Sells

Back in the 70’s a certain movie called Trishul showcased corporate politics at it s best,with a real-estate back drop.Powerful acting,and strong script carried the film to greatness.

“Rocket Singh -Salesman of the year” is a movie that reminded me of a similar effort. IMHO there are three pillars of a great movie – Script,Casting,and Editing, yes we can add many more depending on the movie genre, but these facts are still applicable irrespective of the genre.RSSOTY scores in the two departments -script and casting.editing is something that might have needed a little more attention.

Having said that creative freedom is the directors liberty…and somewhere deep inside a critic or reviewer there is a hidden director who wants to see the movie done his way…but getting down to actually doing it,as in making a movie, is not everyones ball game.So with that disclaimer, I’ll try to highlight some changes that I’d recommend for the movie – But since Shimit has focussed so much in the attention to detail,here are some really minimal fine tuning suggestions.

  • Edit to make pace more even -seems fast in the first half and a bit sluggish in the second.
  • Edit does not mean cutting important dialogue  – it could also be some “filler” shots.
  • HP’s harassment at work was a bit juvenile.most harassments are verbal sarcasms in reality.
  • Mis-direction with a newbie is a bigger harassment.
  • Use of the word “bastard is not usually heard in sales meetings” unless in jest.
  • More  local slangs are used, including but not restricted to the regular Fuck You.
  • HP’s love interest was a bit odd.A middle class girl trying -to-fit-in character would have better suited.
  • HP coming from a middle class background and mindset would have preferred someone similar.
  • Supplier Lalwani’s character was abandoned towards the end.
  • Inamdar character was dicey, a fired salesman now a big customer? What re the odds of that happening.?
  • the boss Puri realization sequence was hammed.A little more silence,and exchange of emotions through the eyes.
  • Besides,I kept getting distracted with the gap between his shaved upper lip and the artificial mustache.
  • wanted to see RS go to each one of the parters after his victory to invite them back.[feel good factor]
  • wanted to see boss Puri take a new approach in his sales meeting in the end.

I know if I ever made a movie,I d get so passionate about it that I ‘d miss out on some details, coz everything seems perfect and everything seems required.At that point I wonder how do some of the Hollywood movies,[the good ones] maintain a near flawless execution.The script is strong, casting is perfect and editing is wonderful.the characters blend into the frames so well.It s like someone is objectively reviewing the movie even before it is released.Some diverse,not in any order of preference,or genre,examples are –

  1. The Bridges Of Madison County
  2. Jerry Mcguire
  3. Few Good Men
  4. Seven
  5. Reservation Road.
  6. Remembering the Titans
  7. When Nietzsche Wept
  8. The usual suspects
  9. American Beauty
  10. A Beautiful mind.
  11. Finding Neverland.
  12. As good as it gets.

So,in conclusion, Rocket Singh -the Salesman of the year is a movie worth a repeat watch.!

Your Thoughts?

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