Remember that first crush that fleeting glance? Remember the first job or the sight of your first car? What if you could store time in a  bottle? What if you could replay the best moments of your life again and again? 

Find out here.



6 thoughts on “Endlessness

    • And what if someday you get tired of them? What if that bottle becomes empty? Where or how do you find your new bottle ?

      • I never get tired of my good memories. And my bottle is bottomless, so I won’t need another one. To keep it replenished I make sure to have lots of fun with my family. I also started my blog – to extend my ‘bottle’ and fill it with all the positive things I come across in life, whether it is a story or a quote. I also like exchanging positive vibes with my fellow bloggers.

        How about yours? 🙂

      • Well I do belive that there isnt a bottomless bottle, but nothing stops me from finding a new bottle.Every memory has it worth upto a point,beyond which one needs to move on and perhaps find new memories to cherish.

      • Hm, some memories never leave me (e.g. precious moments with my children, their happy smiles, pita-pata of their tiny feet on the floor). I do want them to stay in my bottle forever. Others can go – I don’t mind.

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