Au Contraire

Imagine a situation where you have been granted one wish and these were the only options available to you, what would you do? Think carefully and think hard, because once you choose it will be final and no reversal for the rest of your life. So,If you had to choose any one option between extreme Luck, Money or Attitude – which one would it be, and why? The common denominator : extreme.

Lets extrapolate on this a little bit, one attribute at a time.

  • Extreme Money : Seems like the most obvious choice isn’t it? Have so much money that you never have to worry about anything in life.There is no need to even invest and grow or sustain because the flow is constant and extreme remember? You can buy anything worth purchasing on this planet. Cars, yachts, airplanes, clothes and accessories, gadgets and gizmos. Mansions, apartments or Villas…year after year. No stopping, no restricting.
  • Extreme Luck : Being there at the right time at the right place with the right set of people , all the time. That quirky promotion maneuver would fit just right, that tricky deal just works out, that chance meet with your dream girl just happens, or that accident you just missed.You’re just super lucky. Time and time again all your life.
  • Extreme Attitude : Super confident at all times. Had no vulnerability. No one or nothing could hold you down, no matter what your situation, you just keep pushing. Keep fighting. You don’t take no for an answer ever. You feel this strong restless energy inside you.You want to take on the world…and or chose to ignore it if you really wanted it that way. You just keep moving with confidence and a super positive attitude.

Now that you know the obvious, let me walk you through the contrary side of these same attributes.

  • Extreme Money : Extreme could also have an extreme expense attached to it.It could well be a zero sum game. You could have a terminal disease which money couldn’t cure.You could crash that Lamborghini into the woods and die. Extreme money after all, does not guarantee life.Extreme money could leave you bored.Nothing to buy. It could leave you frustrated.It could leave you pointless and directionless in life.You would not have any motivation or  need to generate any money.
  • Extreme Luck : You never build credibility or get recognition. You were always lucky, or got-away with it – body around you would look up to you. You could never prove to anyone that it was indeed hardwork and not just luck that you accomplished everything.It would be tiring isn’t it?Every single soul around you sniggering or cursing you behind your back. Your self worth would be at an all time low.You wont have any friends who identify with your life.You are alone.
  • Extreme Attitude : You are perpetually in denial. You become rigid. You suffer and perhaps make others suffer with you.You get blind sighted.You have the blinkers on.You don’t listen to anyone and run into a downward spiral in spite of people trying to warn you or stop you against it.But you just don’t listen.


I guess you get the drift : no extreme is good , even the best of it. Yet the irony still remains that if we are not in either extreme, then are we becoming mediocre?









One thought on “Au Contraire

  1. “Balance” is the mid path…not extreme, neither mediocre!!! I must say GB this one is very well written…at least i really loved it:-) Keep flowing…….

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