Ever wondered why people crib complain and yet stick around the same place forever and ever?

Why don’t they just get the hell out of there? GTHOOT !


Its really a simple thing you know – if you strongly dislike something then do something about it instead of ruing and crying and nagging yourself and the people around you about it.It really irritates me.I am all ok for once in a while self pity sessions but to persist with it over a period of time is just pointless.Somewhere actually it gives me a message that you really dont want to get the hell out of there.And thats fine too – it is ok to rethink your strategy – but while at it- you cannot keep cribbing and crying about it.

Once you decide to stay you give up the right to crib and complain isn’t it?  Simply put it means you are now here by your own free will wish and choice. Yes there could be that odd alternative compelling  reason which is far graver than the current one, which could deter you from actually looking for an alternative.But you’ve got to realise it – if this is the lesser evil, then anyways you’re in a better situation – then why crib? Alternatively, if you feel very strongly – then you should be able to face the consequences of your action as well.Either ways there’s no cribbing or lets just permit one crib which everyone likes – “why me?”


Life does not make it any easier for us you see.History is replete with examples where sticking to one decision has been hailed as a great determination/tenacity and what have you, and yet the complete opposite result also exists in complete abundance.People have undergone monumental agony sticking to the same thing and being in denial.Likewise the other side has the same anomalies.There are tons of examples where people have benefited from the hop skip and jump approach.They have been praised for their killer instinct and sharp judgement.and there have been examples where the hop skip and jump has led to a thud.

Every situation has a self determined threshold limit,beyond which  it is futile to pursue further.At that point in time it best to get the hell out! Sometimes taking a short break also helps the cause, but if the problem is persistent then GTHOOT is the best option.


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