Luck By Chance

Person A was doing a role with Person B for a long time,both were getting frustrated,irritated and somewhat depressed. The politics of it all was getting to them.They were performers they were contributors and leaders in their own right.But somehow the promise of the golden land never came, the y never seem to hit “big time” as it were.Slowly management got chasing Person A &  B at every given meeting or forum.Person B thought of quitting while person A thought of resilience.

After some more tough times,persona a finally gave in and went job hunting.Person B continued with his situation and over time turned it around.Made friends with the same people who were after his happiness and got promoted and got a raise etc.He still had detractors no doubt,but he was at least part of one camp.Tenure added to his reputation of a good worker and he was quite enjoying the work.

Then as more time passed,economic situations worldwide began to show on the department as bonuses,no raises and no promotions.Person B went back to his original thought process of resilience and figured that this too will pass.A few more torrid months later he realized that the very same management who were friendly with him actually wanted him to leave.he was ignored for promotions,raises or appreciation,communication from senior managers was at it’s lowest.Thought this time around no one humiliated him or tore him down he was more affected because he felt betrayed mentally.Someone made a comment – Fringe players will stay…the good players will leave.he thought – whatever happened about loyalty or commitment?Whatever happened to dedication and resilience? It seemed none of that really mattered.Even though the situation was not of his creation or doing he was getting targeted.

Person A on the other hand went and joined a competitor,and quickly worked his way up the ladder and landed in a management position.! Now is that luck by chance or a smart move?

Your Thoughts?

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