We often get into a rut at work.The same shit happening over an over again.Getting stuck not getting it right and then you have the friendly colleague  Mr.Sonovabitch who can make your life  just a little more difficult by being “helpful” – if you know what I mean.

What does a leader do under the circumstances ? What is his stance?  On one hand he has this great employee who is on top of his game running the show quite well and on the other he has the rookie who shows a lot of potential but does not deliver?  Constant reinforcement of  what needs to be done vs say, giving some time or breather ? What’s the leader’s risk appetite?


In this unforgiving and fast moving corporate life, the idea is to get quick fixes and keep moving.It reminds me of a well oiled engine in a car assembly line which just cranked up it s speed three notches.While the idea is to improve there are chances some parts may fall by along the way.Therefore , It is imperative for the leader to balance things out.


If you happen to be caught in the rut – what are the top three things you would do to get out of it ? But before you get there, lets first establish what constitutes a rut at work ?

  • Worker’s block – Nothing you do seems to be working.
  • Time lag – Everything you do seems either ahead of it’s time or too late.
  • Luck slag – You just hit upon a brilliant idea and the policy or direction changed.


I am sure there are many more that we can bring up adding to the list – but I guess you get the drift.

So if you are in such a situation what are the three things you’d do to get out of it ?


  • Get Fresh – Take some rest,switch off, spend some time with yourself, sleep uninterrupted and wake up fresh – full of energy vitality and positivity.If this means you need to take a break do it. Go for a long weekend and if possible just spend time with your self, no agenda, no plans, just relax.Once you freshen up your mind get back with a renewed energy.
  • Block it – If you see too high a mountain to climb in front of you – block it down to small pieces.Deal with each one at a time, organize similar tasks and activities together, streamline your actions, separate the can do’s versus the cannot do’s.Go to your boss and discuss the cannot do’s objectively.Present it in a manner which says – here are the three things that I tried doing to resolve this issue – I need help.
  • Sky view Get a 300ft. view of your work,life,situation – try looking for the big picture.See how you are progressing towards it or away from it.If that works in your favor then you know some resolve,some patience will get you through this phase.If not, then think of an exit strategy. Don’t prolong your and your bosses misery.


At the end of it all, experts will say only one thing – do whatever works for you.The idea is to be happy or successful…oops, I mean happy and successful.



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