The Superman Job.

Sometimes when I see job postings,on job portals, some of the employers have extensive job descriptions for their prefered candidate. Sometimes it is so over descriptive that one feels that they are looking for a superman off the shelf! My point is if such guy really exists,then chances are he might not be looking for a job in the first place.He will get what he wants when he wants.He wouldnt go into a job portal and look for jobs he has better things to do, like save the world for instance.

The job descriptions are so exhaustive that it feels the expectations are almost unreal.It would be an interesting statistic to find out how many of these Superman seekers actually got one? Because by definition there can or is or will be only one Superman isnt it? Now lets play the devils advocate for a minute.

Does it mean that a company should settle for the average Joe? ( with no offence to any Joe’s in the world) Does it mean accept mediocrity ? Does it mean accept whatever is available ? Well of course not. I think some of the employers have to realise that there is a balance, there is  realism and there is common sense.

I have come across many such candidates while hiring,who are extremely suave and slick and smart while walking the walk, but when you dig a bit deeper,they do not walk the talk. Likewise,I have also come across people who are an interviewers nightmare,but once you dig deeper,you find they are the ones who run the decathlon successfully.

The mantra therefore is to be realistic while hiring,bearing in mind the empty chair spends money, bearing in mind that there is no ideal candidate out there, they all come with some positives and some areas of improvement,bearing in mind that if you do get a Superman hypothetically speaking, can you maintain him, sustain him, motivate him , or even discipline him if need be?

So dont look for a Superman, instead look for someone who is closer to your work culture,job description and requirement and then analyse if the time to ramp up is worth investing or not? Take a moment to really understand the key drivers for change and what are their plans to be succesful in what they do irrespective of the job they are applying for.Then you might get a sense on how the job you are about to offer will play conduit to their own success.

If you find a candidate whose path to success can leverage the job you have to offer,then chances are you have found the right guy for the right job at the right time.



Disclaimer : Please note these thoughts are my own, and should not be corelated to people I know or work with.Please read the disclaimer section of this blog for more details.Please view this as an objective independent observation.

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