I don’t mean to be insensitive, but I find it hard to believe why people get addicted? Is it because of the substance or the circumstance? IS it because of their willingness or their lack of self control? People usually get addicted to forget something,and yet ironically they keep remembering to abuse the substance time and again.

Childhood trauma seems to be one of the top factors triggering an addiction, followed by abuse or betrayal by someone the love or in extreme cases someone very close.Under such circumstances people lose the ability to fight and be normal or lead a regular life.Addiction to a harmful substance is usually the scape route they chose to transport themselves momentarily into a perceived level of freedom and peace. But no sooner reality hits back, and it sure does, it hits hard. And thus begins a vicious cycle from being conscious to unconscious triggered by addiction.


Admitted, all questions in life don’t have answers,and sometimes I think that’s ok. I don’t want to know too many answers -what if you could not handle truth? Sometimes its ok to keep moving without getting stuck no matter how bad the experience has been. Sometimes its good to channelize your energy and talent into good use ,rather than getting sucked into addiction.But who is going to tell you all this if you don’t say this to yourself first? It’s your life, you need to pick it up and move.

On a slightly tangent note, if we were consciously aware what happens after death, good or bad, then we would perhaps lead our lives in a different way.However, for now,what we  know factually, is that once you die -its all over. Finish. Finito. Kaput.Who cares what happened to you ? So then why wont you lead your life healthy and wise  while you can? Why wait for shit to happen? Why not now ?Get up and grab life by its collar and drag it into positivity and start afresh.


Don’t give up on you – there are others who are doing it, don’t add to the list. Belief brings reality closer than arguments.


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