NO Resolutions

You know we make resolutions every year, and break them just as regularly.You know deliberating about what should be done and what should not usually finds an opposite little into the new year.So your resolutions finds a reason to break.

This is year have no resolutions – just actions. Like the famous Nike ad says – just do it. It is a very powerful message if you believe in totality.Here’s what it takes to belive in this motto cent percent –

  • No Excuses – Have no excuses at all – whatsoever. just block your thoughts on all excuses.Period.
  • Don’t Rationalise – again ties back to the above point.The more you think the more doubts creep in. The more doubts creep in the less likely you are do something about it.Also known as Paralysis by Analysis.!
  • Choose Wisely – Make sure you choose the right items to execute. You cant blame the motto by choosing something wrong ! Like if you say I will go on a binge  – and will execute flawlessly – then that is not going to help.However, if decide to say go for a jog everyday morning – then do so even if there is  a deterrent.
  • Sustain Motivation – Listen if you are not bothered about your success, then why should anyone ese be? You have to motivate yourself at all times – do not expect molycodling from anyone – even your partner, friend or colleague as the case may be,just get mentally strong.
  • Ensure Completion – Every task you start – ensure you see to its logical conclusion – whether it is completing your long pending book , or assignment, or kicking the butt, or completing your exercise regime.

You know one can go on and on around things that you can do – but like i said before , this time – its to time get on with it – just do it.

Happy new Year !



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