The Ignorant Gandhi

They started with jokes, graduated into compliments and in a few days time will be forgotten for the next four years at least.Some names like Susheel kumar,Deepika Kumari have never trended on twitter until the Olympics come along.

If these are not sounding unfamiliar or outrageous then chances are you are one in a huge majority of people in this country which underscore the phrase ignorance is bliss.The country gets united in asking a question why we didn’t win gold in Wrestling in Olympics – yet in the last four years none of us have ever bothered to watch a wrestling match on TV let alone paying money to view a live match. I don’t think we even know the names of wrestlers who were not in the Olympic news.

So what are you doing about your country? Are you just sitting there and comenting ? Are you just sitting there and lamenting? Or are you sitting there totally ignoring what is happening in our country today?

Yes, we pay taxes,yes we are doing our jobs,yes we are doing our bit for our lives what else can we do? Sounds right isnt it? Sounds justified isnt it?

Hold that thought for a second.

Now circle back to our pre independence  era – imagine if our ancestors had thought the same.Would we be independent now?

Imagine if Gandhi said, “well what s the point in all this.? I am a lawyer ,I will get a decent job,make a good living and carry on with my life.So what if I cannot travel in the first class? Its just a journey – the idea is to reach my destination forget about this first class travel – “chalta hai” – why take on the establishment.Let things prevail just the way they are – Id rather mind my own business – who cares for country? Besides why should I be the only one? Why cant others do it?I am paying my taxes to the British,I am doing my bit – what else can one man do? “I also know for some it may not send a shiver down their spine -and that is because they could never imagine a suppressed,oppressed life.

The thought of an ignorant Gandhi sends shivers down my spine. Thank God he didnt turn out to be one.Thank God he turned out the one with a spine.

But are you on the path to becoming the new age ignorant Gandhi?

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