Peepli Live

A good movie, but falling short of greatness.

The plot –  How a farmers suicide mocks the national media and takes it to a  frenzy.

If I directed the film –

I would include some more scenes where the story actually catches on.

the distance or sequence between local reporter noting the incident to reaching the la Barkha Dutt style reporter…was too short too hurried .needed some more scenes to slowly show the build up.

there comes a time where you feel the story is not progressing, i think repositioning the scenes might do the trick.

The shit coverage episode by far was the best hilarious moment , rest were ok evoking some humor here n there.Barkha take off was good.

The ending was perhaps abrupt, I know the director would argue, that’s what happens in real life. But some questions remain unanswered.

Overall – like i said Raghubir yadav does a commendable job along with the rest of the doubt about that. But from a direction standpoint, being Anusha’s first movie one cannot be overtly critical, but certainly she has to look into the pacing and sequencing bit.

I was really expecting it to hit hard,you know a strong dose perhaps maybe that s why I am not that thrilled with the movie. Though on a  different story line, the impact of say Ardha Satya was brilliant, the frustrations came across very clearly.For that matter Well Done Abba was quite well done.

I am going to go with 3/5 for Anusha Rizvi’s first attempt. Good movie, must watch once, but that’s about it – nothing spectacular, unless that was the original intention. !

2 thoughts on “Peepli Live

  1. My highlight was the spoof of Barkha Dutt…truly awesome … from hand movements to tonality. Have a feeling that there was some inspiration from the director’s job at NDTV.
    Similar rating from me but I have given it a shade higher – because of the director was willing to use seasoned theatre performers – and they did well.
    If you are in activist circles – the story hits home very hard – cause it spares no-one including activists.
    I don’t think it was supposed to be comical – “black comedy” yes.
    My favourite piece was around government schemes – brought at several points during the story.
    I did not feel the ending was abrupt. However, it was very real. Many construction workers working on the Bangalore Metro rail project have similar stories to tell (as far as the ending is concerned).
    Another great bit – was Naeerudding doing the P Chidambaram routine in studios early in the movie.
    I saw the movie in Urvashi – a traditional theatre. Reminded me of what I was missing – large screens and awesome leg room. Will probably avoid the multiplexes going forward.
    On a sidenote – Natha’s wife – playing the angry women – deserved better treatment and I am surprised the script did not provide for that.

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