Dr. Attitude

Fundamental question : Are Doctors a  God’s gift to mankind? Most common answer : Yes.

So this article is about those people who answered No.

You know when people fall sick, the usual thing is to go to the family physician, however if the complications are beyond the GP, then he or she recommends you to a hospital with a specialist Doctor. That’s where the drama starts. The most common topic of discussion among the affected party is to check if the Doctor is “good”.The seekers ask “is he a good Doctor” the know-it-all-family-member replies “oh he’s got good hands -he is a big doctor” you then wonder, what that means and as you begin to ask the question you are snubbed “If you know better then ,why don’t you do the treatment?”  Ugh!

So you decide to move along since time is of the essence here and get your family member admitted. Upon entering the Hospital, the receptionist gives a big wide grin. Bright sunshine.You are rechristened as “Patient Party” a.k.a hapless poor you and the person you are admitting for treatment. Henceforth you will be remembered as Patient Party, till death does you apart.

Note: the smile width decreases as you cross each layer and by the time you get to enter the doctors chamber you are in the Smug block.

Once you enter the smug block, you see smugness in all its glory. The attendant, the receptionist, and the assistant all have high eyebrows, the paintings on the wall  are abstract, but if you look closely they too look smug. Finally, your eyes meet the Doctor in Charge! …and you realize he just looked through you.

After a few minutes of impatience Smug Doc asks “what’s the problem?” And you re like “well aren’t you the one who is supposed to tell me what the problem is?” Anyways, you give an update of the ailment expecting a response. There is none. Instead you are handed over a scribbled work of art  – which is only understood by the folks in the smug block.

You then get to know, that the  “O great one ” has accepted your mercy plea to admit your ailing family member to be treated with his able hands. Then its pretty much a road downhill of mounting pills and bills. So I decided to put forth a few points that we i.e. “Patient Party” has to say to the smug party :

  1. Not all “Patient Party” are dumb. They understand reports too , they could be academically sound.
  2. Don’t treat them as kids – they can handle adult conversations.
  3. “Patient Party” is also short on time just like you.
  4. Don’t get upset if “Patient Party ” asks for a second opinion.
  5. Make an effort to explain the problem statement, the solution statement, and then the next steps.
  6. Learn to acknowledge their presence  -its generally referred to as good manners.
  7. You cannot have monotony as an excuse. You chose this profession.
  8. You cannot complain I am busy all the time. Learn to manage time better.
  9. Do not have a “I doing you a favor ” look on your face strutting around.
  10. Realize and remember, Hospitals run because of our money mostly.
  11. Your salary / compensation / incentive comes from our suffering and pain.
  12. Least you can do is be sensitive and sound positive.
  13. For you its perhaps the 1257th patient, for us its just 1 family member.
  14. This could also happen to your parent or relative , no escaping the final destination you know.
  15. Don’t strut around with a smug, smile, it makes the hospital more bearable.
  16. Stop “just to rule out ” procedures like USG or ECG every second day until “really” necessary.
  17. It helps to save people’s lives, but it also helps if you save them some money.
  18. We know you are always going be in demand till your job is automated by a robot in Japan.
  19. Stop treating the rest of the staff like a ringmaster in a circus – they too have whips.
  20. Remember you are in the Health “Care” business, not Health Scare business.


In conclusion , I submit that the difference between a good Doctor and a bad Doctor is similar to having a house versus having a home!


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