I am actually still deliberating if it is more sad or more disgusting.Yes am talking about the recent fixing scandal to hit Pakistan Cricket.The whole world will be deliberating about how disgusting this is – so let take this opportunity to express my sorrow at the turn of events. Here are some reasons why I really feel sad about the whole episode –

Sad because – these are very talented young cricketers – there s no doubt about it. The world of cricket could well do with the enthusiasm and chutzpah they bring to the field. It is a joy to see a fast bowler run up and bowl at 90miles an hour.

That is exciting stuff …from the boundary of course.

There’s no denying the glam factor it brings to table.Who can forget Imran Khan marking run up or for that matter Wasim’s scream ? Shoaib’s glider or Waqar’s yorker.? Yet these cricketers  probably earned 50% less than what the current crop of players.It was their motivation.

So now that there is more money in the sport – why then would the current crop of Pakistani players resort to anything remotely associated with match fixing.?

Sad because they add misery to the country which 3/4th submerged underwater and the rest in shame.Sad because they are testing the hope and faith of their ardent cricket lovers…who have stood by them through every previous debacle and farce.

Sad because these cricketers tarnish the name of cricket for those set of people who think about taking up the sport seriously.Or for those people who will now probably lose interest in cricket. Don’t underestimate this number.

Sad because the mental trauma they would have brought to their families in probably irreversible.Their loved ones will have to make a tough choice between standing by them in the hour of crises versus doing what is morally and ethically correct. they too have to face their network of people in the society.They too will have to hang their heads in shame.

Sad because – this could have been totally avoided.It was not that they were forced to it. It was not that they were financially in deep shit.going broke or something similar. It was not an act of desperation even if we were to give it a remote sense of sympathy.

Sad because they pray in the name of Almighty Allah and make such a farce out of it.They go out of their way to show how religious they are how faithful they are to the teachings of the Holy Quran. They are role models who set wrong examples.

Sad because every next touring team of Pakistan will be under “spotlight” ! Whether like it or not, whether they deserve it or not they will be under scrutiny.So the next time a Pakistani bowler scratches his nose – it might be deemed as a signal to the bookie.!

Sad because –  it reminds me of how difficult it was for us Indian’s to get over the match-fixing scandal.Somewhere deep within our psyches those scars still remain.All the passion turns into anger the moment you realize that national pride was put at stake. The theory of diminishing marginal utility perhaps needs an exception – National Pride.

In the hour of crises that surrounds Pakistan today , let us not make it any more difficult for them than what they are already going through. Lets us show some restraint in our thoughts,actions and words. for those who interact with the average Pakistani as your virtual team colleague or co-worker in office – please do not alter your behavior or vocabulary.

For the rest of the cricketing world – dont take this as an hour to take a  “holier than thou” stance.! Remember you secret could be just lurking around the corner.

Let us also not forget, we have to get our house in order.We have to stop these syndicates operating out of India.Let us also not forget that once you start to pull the cord of  deceit many more will get affected by it.Let us not forget that we need to treat our cricket with more clarity and purpose.Let us learn a lesson from the events around us rather than learn it the hard way.

Above all, let us be patient with them and let them sort out their problems.And to Cricketing world – let us forgive  and start afresh – let the spirit of cricket live on without coming under the wrong spotlight.!

Your Thoughts?

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