Ugly Duckling

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all?

Chances are ,each one of us have at some point, asked this question while growing up. What if the the answer was “No – you re not pretty, in fact your are ugly?”

At the risk of erring on judgement, I’d think women are far more likely to ask this than men. So it makes me wonder, how do they handle the situation? They are singled out at all ages.

In the childhood – the fairer brother (or worse) sister is always the object of affection and attention. The extra adulation, the extra cuddle is always there to remind the other of her beauty status.

In teens – young boys would never approach them…not even if they arent any better.The goal is to always eye the fairer or the more beautiful one.In some cases, they re even punished less just because the teacher thought they were so cute.

In adult life – young men at office, or a party or at a mall  would never look at them.In fact if you note the media, the TV adverts all point towards the need to be beautiful which in this case mean fairer. Be it a cream, lotion,shampoo or any other cosmetic.

And this continues right throughout life in some form or the other.

So where does all this leave the proverbial ugly duckling?  Some suffer mentally so much that they become a recluse, some take the opposite route of becoming a rebel and dress outrageously to attract attention,and then the ones who are in constant denial  keep looking for some attention from anywhere and anyone,yes even the wrong ones.Some take to obesity and some to bulimia, some become a nervous under-confident wreck and some become cynical and irritable.

Let us all take a resolve to appreciate the inner beauty of a person,her talent, her actions.Let us also not forget that their looks are something they are handed down the gene pool – it is not of their creation just like the rest of us.

Lets us also,remind ourselves,that they are equally talented and capable.Let us bear in mind fairer or more beautiful people have the same faults,drawbacks, that anyone else has.We are all equals.Period.

Let us go beyond pettiness and shallowness and look deep, chances are you might find the real beauty right there.






5 thoughts on “Ugly Duckling

  1. All this is in an ideal world, thats how the world works..all the talk about beauty being skin deep is only for beauty pageants, ironic, isn’t it?..Life is unfair!

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